HAMM HD+ i-Series Rollers are Tier 4i-Compliant

The HAMM HD+ 110i VV HF is representative of HAMM’s HD+ i-Series line of Tier 4 interim-compliant tandem asphalt compactors, and was shown at World of Asphalt 2015.

The HD+ 110i VV HF is an 11.5-ton tandem roller featuring high frequency vibration in both drums. Other HD+ tandem rollers include the 7-ton HAMM HD+ 70i, the 8-ton HD+ 80i, the 10-ton HD+ 90i, the 13.2-ton HD+ 120i, and the 15.4-ton HD+ 140i.

These models are delivered in a variety of options, including conventional vibration compaction, high frequency vibration, exclusive HAMM oscillation compaction, split drums for precise compaction on curves, and a smooth drum/pneumatic-tire combination option.

Rollers in HAMM’s i-Series are factory-equipped with the Hammtronic machine management system as standard, providing engine management control for considerable fuel savings, programmable speed control, and on most models, the ability to independently control vibration frequency and amplitude to either drum.

Performance options, operator comfort, visibility and ease of control are unsurpassed by any roller model. The fully adjustable seat – with integral control levers – moves together with the operator’s console completely from side to side and swivels through 180 degrees, for much better control and visibility, particularly to the drum edges.

"These machines have been developed specifically to meet the criteria of the North American contractor," said Richard Evans, vice president of sales for Hamm. "In addition, if you are a big guy, the steering column tilts up out of the way when you are climbing in or out of the seat, and the drive levers are wide, so you have plenty of room for your legs."

The HD+ series features additional operator conveniences such as large cup holders, and an adapter to enable the operator to charge a phone, or even plug in a refrigerator, which can be stored on the large cooler tray.

The HCQ (Hamm Compaction Quality) intelligent compaction system is a VEDA-compatible system that monitors and records the number of passes over a given area, the stiffness of the material, and the temperature of the mix. Featuring dual screen technology, the Hamm system can be operational within five minutes on the job and the PC and receiver can be interchanged from one roller to another for maximum utilization.

Unlike some competing machines, which require physical movement of weights on the side of each drum, which is hard enough to do in the daylight, let alone at night when most of the major highway work is done, amplitude and frequency adjustment on the HD+ models can be done by the operator on the control panel.

Also unique is the HD+ series' offset capability, a standard feature, which on the HD+ models is close to 7 in. "We can roll around a curb without risking damage by the rear drum and now, with the extra 3-in. offset over the older model, we now have enough for a good roller operator to pinch a joint," Evans said.´

That means an operator can keep the front drum on the hot material and offset the rear drum so it can bridge between the pre-compacted hot material and the cold joint, potentially saving a pass for higher productivity, and avoiding travel in the other lane of traffic, for enhanced safety. This capability is not available on some competing models.


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