Kleemann impact crusher MOBIREX MR 130i EVO2 and stacker MOBIBELT MBT 24

Professionals for recycling of construction materials

Higher output and improved final product quality with lower fuel consumption – this is how D+S Recycling GmbH summarized their experience after the first three months with their new Kleemann impact crusher MOBIREX MR 130i EVO2.

The preparation of construction materials is the core business of D+S Baustoffrecycling based in Staufenberg in Lower Saxony. On a site with an area of 52,000 m², a 13-member team processes rubble and earth. Recycling of mineral construction waste represents the lion's share.

Increased demand requires upgrading

To meet the increased demand for sand, grit, crushed rock and frost-protection material, the managing directors Simone and Dennis Schnittger extended their machinery range in summer 2021 by a Kleemann impact crusher MOBIREX MR 130i EVO2 with downstream stacker MOBIBELT MBT 24.

The two managing directors are satisfied with their third Kleemann plant in succession: "Anything smaller wouldn't have been enough", was their résumé.

Tolles Produkt

The highlights of the Kleemann impact crusher with stacker at a glance:

  • Active prescreening through an independently vibrating double-deck prescreen
  • Sorting out of light contamination by the wind sifter
  • Low fuel consumption
  • Increase in daily output thanks to the mobile stacker
  • Simple operation with the "SPECTIVE" control concept
  • Numerous safety features
  • Reliable maintenance and service through Wirtgen Germany

Active prescreening of the MOBIREX MR 130i EVO2 reduces wear

In contrast to the Kleemann plant used up to then - a crusher without screen - the new impact crusher is equipped for effective prescreening of the feed material with an independently vibrating double-deck prescreen. This active prescreening pays off with regard to the final product quality because, among other things, the fines are guided out of the plant via the side discharge conveyor. "We use the active prescreen not only to discharge the fine grain but also to divert the medium grain in a targeted manner via the crusher bypass", reports Dennis Schnittger. Thanks to transport onto the vibrating extractor, wear in the crushing chamber is reduced considerably.

Rubble (left) is converted to mineral crushed stone or grit. Recycling material with grain size 0/45 is shown on the right.

Secondary screening unit with wind sifter

At the other end of the MR 130i EVO2 is a single deck vibrating screen with an extra large screening surface. It also effectively screens small grain sizes under 20 mm. With the help of the return conveyor, a closed material loop is also guaranteed. D+S also integrated a wind sifter in the plant. By means of an airflow, it sorts light contamination such as wood or plastic out of the mineral material. The air pressure can be adapted to the materials being processed. "This is an important module for us. It allows us to meet the quality requirements of our customers", says managing director Schnittger.

"The integrated wind sifter is an important module for us. It allows us to meet the quality requirements of our customers."

Dennis Schnittger, managing director of D+S Recycling GmbH

No scrap iron in the recycling material

The purity of the recycling material is also guaranteed by the magnetic separator, which Kleemann fits with an electromagnet or permanent magnet. D+S deploys the particularly powerful electromagnet. The complete unit is arranged parallel to the crusher discharge conveyor and can be raised and lowered steplessly by radio remote control. This means that, on the one hand, interfering elements can be removed quickly and, on the other hand, the magnetic effect can be adapted to the anticipated stone sizes.

"The impact crusher is even more economical than we expected. In times of rising fuel prices, this is a good signal to our customers."

Christoph Obalski, Kleemann specialist at Wirtgen Germany

Impact crusher with economic drive

Very soon after initial operation is became obvious that fuel consumption is extremely low. "We notice the savings already after three months", says Simone Schnittger. Data from the fleet management tool WITOS FleetView confirms an average consumption of 22 l/h. "The impact crusher is even more economical than we expected – also translated into a ton of final product. In times of rising fuel prices, this is a good signal to our customers," states Christoph Obalski, Kleemann specialist at Wirtgen Germany. The reason for the low consumption is an extremely efficient diesel-direct-electric drive. It produces maximum power direct at the crusher and all secondary drives – for example, for the double-deck prescreen, the vibrating extractor, the conveyor belts and the secondary screening unit – are operated electrically.

A clever plant concept: The system becomes wider in material flow direction so that nothing narrows the material flow. Among other things, this leads to a higher total throughput combined with lower fuel consumption, longer service lives thanks to reduced wear and less material bridging.

The stacker MOBIBELT MBT 24 also increases the daily output

Whereas fuel consumption is reduced, the daily output at D+S Recycling GmbH has increased. "In comparison to the old crusher, this plant has increased our daily output considerably. The mobile stacker also contributes to this." The impact crusher ejects the mineral materials from a height of 3.60 m. The 24 m long stacker MOBIBELT MBT 24, on the other hand, conveys the crushed material at a maximum inclination of 23° to a height of approx. 10.50 m. This produces a maximum stockpile volume of 1,300 m³.

As the incidence angle can be varied steplessly, the discharge height and the stockpile volume can be controlled. The big advantage for D+S: Thanks to the direct material transport from the crusher to the stockpile, the recycling material does not even have to be moved first with the wheel loader. "The employee can take over other tasks and does not have to continuously keep an eye on the crusher or stockpile. Ultimately, the wheel loader is moved less. And this reduces operating costs, increases operational safety and increases efficiency," explains Dennis Schnittger. "This gives us a buffer, which makes the work a lot more relaxing for everybody."

High expectations and more than meets the eye

Dennis Schnittger says operation of the plant with the "SPECTIVE" control concept is "very simple, although the crusher is really high-tech." He was also highly satisfied with the instruction received by his staff during the handover: "It took place here on site with the material we process every day." As far as accessibility for service is concerned, he praises the large service flap and ease of access to the components.

"Plant operation is very easy although the crusher is really high-tech."

Dennis Schnittger, managing director of D+S Recycling GmbH

Impact crusher with numerous safety features

Other plus factors of the impact crusher included safety. Above all, the key transfer safety system Look&Turn impressed. It permits work in certain areas of the crusher only when they are mechanically secured. The entrepreneurial couple also praised the Premium lighting: "It supports us in operation but also during maintenance. We are particularly impressed with the excellent lighting of the steps and engine compartment. This is important for the safety of our team."

The generously dimensioned basic hopper of the MR 130i EVO2 guarantees simple and fast loading.

Reliable service

D+S arrange their service and maintenance via Wirtgen Germany because "the spare part supply through a supplier in Germany is very important to us. And, indeed, ordered parts arrive here the next day." Support by Sales is also very important to both directors: "We experience a good team and we appreciate the good advice. If we have questions about the plant or our other Kleemann products, we have been able to contact Christoph Obalski for years. He's a trusted companion even after the purchase and is very competent and provides first-class support for his customers."

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