EVO JET – Combustion technology from the market leader

The burner is one of the most important components in any asphalt mixing plant. This is because the burner is a prerequisite for optimum mineral drying results and therefore the quality of the mixture.

For the design and construction of its famed EVO JET burners, BENNINGHOVEN – the newest member of WIRTGEN GROUP – draws on a wealth of expertise that is unequalled anywhere in the world. One key reason for this is that, shortly after its formation in 1909, the company started making burners for a wide range of applications, later inventing fully automatic ignition with photocell flame monitoring. This innovation was behind the company’s move into the production of asphalt mixing plants in 1978. Today, the company is still the only asphalt plant maker with its own burner manufacturing unit.

BENNINGHOVEN EVO JET burners have already made their mark in China as well, where they have been a popular choice for many years as a retrofit solution for existing plants.

Peter Koltes, Head of Combustion Technology at BENNINGHOVEN

One of a kind: four separate energy supply systems in one burner

Over the years, EVO JET burners have earned themselves a legendary reputation and continue to be a key factor in BENNINGHOVEN’s success as a company. Peter Koltes, Head of Combustion Technology at BENNINGHOVEN, explains the benefits: “The burners are not only incredibly reliable, but are the only burners on the market that can be operated using up to four kinds of fuel – such as heating oil (extra light, medium and heavy), liquefied gas, natural gas, solid fuel (coal dust) or a combination of different fuels.”

Highlights of BENNINGHOVEN EVO JET burners:
  • High efficiency
  • Up to four fuels can be utilized without mechanical conversion
  • Simple, modular and compact design with internal fan
  • Easy to maintain, with a burner that moves to the rear and inspection panels on both sides
  • Over 5,000 burners shipped to date, with lifetimes of over 40 years in some cases
  • Long spare part availability thanks to high level of in-house production
  • Rapid-response service teams
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