The Comeback of a Mega-Event

Bauma 2022 Will Be Taking Place from October 24 to October 30

Although the event date has been moved from spring to fall 2022, the planning for Bauma 2022 is already in full swing. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the decision was made to postpone the opening date of the industry show – the international meeting point and market hub – in order not to jeopardize its particular benefits.

For the Wirtgen Group, the industry’s leading trade fair has always reflected milestones in the history of the company. In its evolution from a newcomer to construction machine engineering to a global market leader with five strong premium brands, the company has always presented itself at the event as an innovation leader. With the acquisition by John Deere, the group finally established itself on the market as a major international player – a fact impressively highlighted by its appearance at Bauma 2019 with around 13,000 m² of exhibition space and 120 exhibits.

Bauma | A Trade Show of Superlatives

Today, it is hard to imagine that the world’s leading trade show for construction machines, materials processing equipment, mining equipment, and construction vehicles and equipment actually began in a small way. The event was first staged in Würzburg under the name of the 1. Fränkische Bauausstellung (1st Franconian Building Exhibition) by publisher Karl Rudolf Schulte in 1949. In 1954, the show moved to the Theresienhöhe in Munich as the “Frühjahrsschau für Baumaschinen¨ (Spring Show for Construction Machinery), and 58 exhibitors presented their products and services on the 20,000 m² exhibition site. In 1956, the name is officially changed to “Bauma”, and the first 13 exhibitors from abroad attend the show. From then on, the records with respect to the numbers of visitors, exhibitors, and the size of the exhibition space were broken from show to show – except in the 1970s, when they tumbled due to the crisis in the building industry.

In 1998, the show said farewell to the inner city site and became one of the first events to be held at the new “Messe München” exhibition grounds in München-Riem. Today, Bauma is not only the industry’s biggest showcase event, but also the world’s largest in terms of exhibition space, and can boast extremely impressive statistics.

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Statistics of the Last Four Bauma Industry Shows at a Glance:
Exhibition space
614,000 m²
Exhibition space
605,000 m²

Exhibition space
575,000 m²

Exhibition space
555,000 m²

A Retrospective

The Wirtgen Group brands and their “Bauma-history”

Even before the Wirtgen, Vögele, Hamm, Kleemann and Benninghoven brands joined forces and became the Wirtgen Group, showing a presence at Bauma was an absolute must for each of the individual companies. The show was the venue for the presentation of impressive – and often pioneering – innovations, and making, refreshing, and cultivating important personal and business contacts. It was no coincidence that the booths of the five brands were generally placed very close to each other. This gave visitors to the events at that time the chance to see the entire road construction process chain in one place – even though the integration of the five brands into the Wirtgen Group was first finalized in 2014.

While 1983 saw Wirtgen GmbH celebrating its debut at Bauma as a newcomer to the construction machine industry with five milling machines on show, the long-established Hamm, Vögele, Kleemann and Benninghoven brands were already able to look back on an impressive number of appearances at the show. We have compiled a selection of several milestones from these years for you here.

Selected Highlights from the Early Days until the Formation of the Wirtgen Group – Our Brands at Bauma over the Years:

Hamm: 1954 to 1998

Kleemann: 1954 to 2006

Kleemann is among the first exhibitors to appear at the “Spring Show” held in 1954. Founded in 1857, the company began the production of its first mobile crushing and screening plants back in the 1920s.

Vögele: 1965 to 1996

1965 sees the premiere of Vögele at Bauma with the prototype of the SUPER 204 and the start of serial production of a new and more stable leveling and compaction machine. The show also sees the market launch of the SUPER 200 as a tracked vehicle.

Benninghoven: 1977 to 2014

Benninghoven makes its first appearance on the international exhibition stage at Bauma 1977. The first exhibits shown are equipment for the asphalt industry such as burners, bitumen tanks, thermal oil heaters, a mastic asphalt mixing plant, and a mastic asphalt silo.

Wirtgen and the Wirtgen Group


Still under the name Wirtgen GmbH, the company makes its first appearance at Bauma with five milling machines.


The latest trend – rehabilitation instead of new construction. In 1986, the company presents itself to the specialist audience on an exhibition space of 1,000 m² and exhibits 18 machines – 6 of which are entirely new developments. Gisela und Reinhard Wirtgen, the company owners at the time, were joined at the show by zwenty of their employees.


In the meantime, Joseph Vögele AG has been taken over by the company – the Wirtgen Group is now on the map. Both companies exhibit the highlights of their product portfolios. The overall area of the two-storey pavilion and an exhibition space for over 40 construction machines adds up to 5,200 m².


The first joint appearance with Hamm – the Wirtgen Group is now the first full-service provider in the mobile road construction machinery segment and presents a dazzling display of innovations and new developments on 7,700 m² of exhibition space. And the Bauma itself registers all-time records: In the meantime, it has become the biggest industry show ever staged in Munich.


As in 2004, the Wirtgen Group exhibits its complete product portfolio, including the new 2-series surface course pavers like the Vögele SUPER 2100-2 large paver or the smaller SUPER 1800-2. Wirtgen shows large machines such as the 2500 SM surface miner with a milling width of 2.5 m or the KMA 200 cold recycling mixing plant installed on a semitrailer.


The first joint appearance with Kleemann. The establishment of the business line Mineral Technologies begins a new chapter in the history of the Wirtgen Group.

4 brands, 9,080 m² of exhibition space, 75 exhibits, and technology pavilions for each of the brands – impressive figures, to say the least.


The most comprehensive presentation of the Wirtgen Group on 10,560 m² of exhibition space:

  • 29 of the latest products from the business lines Road and Mineral Technologies
  • 6 world premieres from Wirtgen, e.g. the two new generations of cold recyclers, soil stabilizers and slipform pavers
  • 11 world premieres from Vögele – including the new “dash 3” generation
  • HAMM expands its portfolio of high-quality compactors and tandem rollers with nine world premieres in the H, HD+, and HD CompactLine series.


The Era of New Superlatives Begins

Since the amalgamation of all five brands in the Wirtgen Group, records are broken from one Bauma to the next. To visually demonstrate the integration of the brands within the company group over the years, all five now appear at Bauma 2016 in a fresh, new corporate look. As the show’s second-largest exhibitor, the group shows 93 exhibits on a space of 11,712 m², 30 of which are making their first appearance at the show.

Innovations from Wirtgen

  • W 120 Ri wheeled rear loader from the new generation of small milling machines
  • W 150 CFi front loader – the most powerful model of the new compact class
  • SP 64i inset slipform paver
  • TCM 180i texture cutting machine
  • Cutting Technology: PCD picks, Generation Z round-shank picks, HT22 toolholder system

Innovations from von Vögele

  • The SUPER 800-3i shows that small machines can take on big paving jobs
  • Two new representatives of the Universal Class: the SUPER 1600-3i tracked paver and the wheeled SUPER 1603-3i
  • Two new models in the Special Class: The SUPER 1800-3i SprayJet for paving thin layers, with the new ErgoPlus operating concept and the brand new InLinePave train for the paving of compact asphalt pavements
  • New 10-foot class pavers for the American market
  • Special presentations on the topics of RoadScan und WITOS Paving

Innovations from Hamm

  • DV+ series pivot-steered tandem rollers featuring the innovative Easy Drive operating concept. The intuitive operating system will also be installed in the articulated tandem rollers of the HD+ series and the Series H compactors.
  • For soil compaction, Hamm presents the compact H 5i and H 7i compactors from the H CompactLine – ideal for use on construction sites with limited space and steep slopes.
  • Developed especially for the European and US-American markets, the GRW 180i pneumatic tire roller.
  • The H 25i VC compactor with a crusher drum that can crush and compact rock in a single pass.

Innovations from Kleemann

  • World premiere for the MOBICONE MCO 11 PRO, developed especially for high-performance in natural stone processing scenarios
  • A cross-section of the successful EVO Line, versatile all-rounders that are ideal for a variety of applications at different locations
  • The MOBICAT MC 125 RR jaw crusher for the first crushing stage
  • MOBISCREEN MS 15 Z and MS 16 D screening plants

Innovations from Benninghoven

  • The MBA 2000 wheeled screening plant with 5-fold screening as a standard feature
  • Parallel drum using the counterflow method with hot gas generator – a shining example in terms of cost-efficiency and responsible handling of valuable resources in the recycling of paving asphalt
  • The new GKL Silent – a quantum leap in the production of mastic asphalt without undesirable noise emissions


The first joint appearance with John Deere

The Wirtgen Group makes its first appearance at Bauma together with John Deere with the slogan “SmartSynergies and Innovations”. Here, SmartSynergies stands for the optimal interaction and solutions expertise of Wirtgen, Vögele, Hamm, Kleemann, and Benninghoven – complemented by the synergies generated by being a part of John Deere. With 120 exhibits – including 18 world premieres, 25 innovations, and 6 interactive technology experiences – the 13,000 m² booth at Bauma was an irresistible magnet for visitors to the show.

Our appearance at this year’s Bauma was the most successful in the history of the Wirtgen Group and provided an ideal opportunity the successful market launch of John Deere motor graders in Europe.

Domenic G. Ruccolo, Managing Director

Wirtgen Innovations

  • W 200 Fi and W 210 Fi large milling machines: cost-efficient, compact, and powerful
  • W 380 CRi cold recycler for high-quality in-place recycling of asphalt layers
  • SP 124i slipform paver for large scale concrete paving
  • 220 SMi surface miner for raw material extraction

Vögele Innovations

  • SUPER-series Classic Line with the new SUPER 1000(i) and SUPER 1003(i) compact pavers
  • SUPER-series Premium Line with the SUPER 3000-3i tracked paver: the largest paver and the flagship of the Vögele program
  • New SB 300 and 350 fixed-width screeds for seamless paving from 16 to 18 m surface layer widths.

Hamm Innovations:

  • HP 180i and HP 280i pneumatic tire rollers with simple and intuitive operation and ergonomically optimized operator’s platform
  • DV+ 90i VS-OS roller with split oscillation drum – ideal for demanding applications such as compacting asphalt types that are difficult to compact or on sections of roads with numerous bends
  • VIO compaction meter for compaction in oscillation mode
  • Easy Drive operating concept
  • C-type compactors with reinforced hydrostatic drive for challenging jobs

Kleemann Innovations

  • MOBICAT MC 120 Z Pro for demanding quarrying operations
  • MOBICONE MCO 11 Pro cone crusher – the perfect secondary crusher
  • MOBIREX MR 130 Z EVO2 impact crusher with environmentally friendly Eco Package
  • MS 953 EVO classifying screen for optimal screening results
  • MOBISCREEN MS 15 Z coarse screening plant for feed material with an edge length of up to 400 mm

Benninghoven Innovations

  • Asphalt mixing plant with new ECO plant concept
  • TBA asphalt mixing plant with hot gas generator

First Appearance of John Deere at Bauma

Bauma premiere for John Deere with a cross-section of the company’s construction machinery program. , including motor graders distributed in Europe by German and French Wirtgen Group sales and service organizations.

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Our close connections with the Wirtgen Group enable us to present John Deere construction machinery to a wider audience from around the globe.

David Thorne, Senior Vice President John Deere