WITOS HCQ: For sustainable, transparent and high-quality compaction

Digitalization, electromobility and globalization are rapidly changing our world – and along with it the construction industry. Nevertheless, rollers will continue to be needed for compacting soil and asphalt in the years to come. The requirements for process efficiency and transparency are expected to increase concurrently. At CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2020, HAMM is presenting WITOS HCQ – a system for live tracking of rollers that delivers improved transparency and sustainability in asphalt construction and earthwork.

Random samples and spot compaction measurements will soon be a thing of the past. Quality control is easier and produces better results with HCQ Navigator from HAMM – the ideal tool for state-of-the-art control and analysis of the entire compaction process. With WITOS HCQ, HAMM is introducing a new, trendsetting addition to this system at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2020.

Proven worldwide: HCQ Navigator

HCQ Navigator from HAMM has been used worldwide for years now. With a panel PC in the cabin, it provides a live indication to roller drivers of the points that were already sufficiently compacted or where further compaction is necessary. This prevents over- and under-compaction while helping to optimize the number of passes. HCQ Navigator saves all of the data that is recorded during the compaction process.

Remote process management

The new WITOS HCQ module makes it possible to monitor the compaction progress – in real time and even from a remote location. Simple browser-based operation is used since WITOS HCQ was designed as a web application. During the compaction process, data is transmitted directly from the rollers to the WITOS portal of the WIRTGEN GROUP via cellular radio. Users can then access the data in real time.

Web application for transparency

Regulatory authorities or consultants can also be involved in monitoring the compaction progress via a suitable interface. This ensures the confidentiality and integrity of the data since access permissions can be separately granted to different persons for each subproject.

Compaction with WITOS HCQ

All of the data that was gathered by this tandem roller during the compaction process can be accessed via the WITOS portal worldwide in real time.

Successfully tested in the USA

WITOS HCQ has already undergone testing in Europe and America, including projects in the USA in Sacramento, California on Highway 50 and in Palmyra, Missouri. In California, it was quickly obvious that construction companies and public authorities can save a great deal of time with real-time tracking – especially in case of very remote sites. The project in Missouri demonstrated further that data exchange works flawlessly between the GPS receiver used in HCQ Navigator and the VRS system used by the construction companies.

Simple data back-up

After completion of the work, WITOS HCQ has other advantages since automatic storage of the data on the WITOS portal greatly simplifies the back-up process. There, the project data is available for subsequent analysis and documentation purposes. The data format meets all of the “VETA” requirements.

Sustainable construction site management

With this solution, HAMM is allowing more sustainable compaction in asphalt construction and earth work since supervisors can stay informed about the detailed construction progress at all times with WITOS HCQ – without ever traveling to the site. From any location, they can control the processes and make decisions on the basis of qualified information. This in turn brings savings in travel time and costs and enables quality improvements to be achieved through timely interventions.


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