Wirtgen at Intermat 2018 – Innovative technologies provide quality in the road construction cycle

Wirtgen is continuously developing its core technologies, products and application processes to ensure quality standards are met and that customers can operate economically. At the Intermat 2018, Wirtgen, the specialists in cold milling, concrete paving, cold recycling and soil stabilization, will be presenting a cross-section of its comprehensive solutions for road construction and rehabilitation.

Soil stabilization: Creating solid foundations

Soil stabilization is key to restoring soil bearing capacity and quality when preparing road construction projects. The mobile wheeled soil stabilizer WR 200i is employed in large-scale applications, for example, whereas the tractor-towed stabilizer WS 250 is used for smaller projects. Both Wirtgen soil stabilizers and Streumaster's binding agent spreaders, such as the SW 16 TC, complement each other perfectly.

Concrete paving: Economically efficient with limitless applications

Wirtgen offers mature processes for facilitating the construction of heavy-duty motorways, airport runways, and smaller roads using inset concrete paving or for monolithic concrete profiles using offset concrete paving. In Paris, Wirtgen will be presenting the SP 64 inset slipform paver. Together with the models SP 61i and SP 62i, the SP 64i makes up the SP 60 series. The addition of further machine components to cater to complex, customer-specific job requirements is a simple process, enabling the SP 60 series to handle a wide variety of applications. As with the SP 94i and SP 92i and in keeping with the modular principle, customers can choose between different slipform systems for inset paving.

Cold milling: Precision when removing and granulating road pavements

Cold milling is one of the first measures taken in the structural maintenance of a road or traffic surface. Thanks to the most modern milling and levelling technology, Wirtgen milling machines are able to mill off a complete road surface or just individual pavement layers, i.e. top and bottom layers and binder course. They provide an even, true-to-profile base for the construction of a new surface course. In addition, milling individual pavement layers enables the material to be reclaimed in a selective process and separated into different mix types.

The W 210 XP – featuring its cabin option – is the latest model in the large cold milling machine series and is celebrating its trade fair debut at Intermat. The enormous engine power paired with application-optimized machine transport weight, sets the bar high in this machine class. The compact milling machine W 150 CFi with the new 1.80 m milling drum unit will also make its debut. It allows customers even more flexibility in a wide variety of applications.

Cold recycling: Alternative high quality road rehabilitation method

Roads subject to continual, heavy loads frequently show signs of damage in the subgrade. The entire structure of the road has to be reconstructed to repair the damage. Wirtgen is a pioneer of cold recycling and has played a key role in shaping this economic and environmentally-friendly technology, which completely reuses and cost-effectively treats the reclaimed material. Ancillary equipment like the laboratory compressor WLV 1, the laboratory-scale foamed bitumen plant WLB 10 S and the laboratory compactor WLM 30 complement the Wirtgen machine program for cold recycling.


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