OCS from Wirtgen excels in milling work on the A 36 in France

As part of the rehabilitation project on the A 36 highway near Dijon, the Wirtgen W 200i cold milling machine with cabin milled off the asphalt surface with great precision. Meanwhile, the hydraulically moving and swiveling cabin – a key aspect of the “Operator Comfort System” or OCS for short – created optimum working conditions for the operator.

Operator Comfort System – the efficient operating alternative for large milling machines

With OCS, Wirtgen is setting standards in terms of driving convenience and user-friendliness. The hydraulically moving and swiveling cabin is adjusted quickly and efficiently to the optimum position for the machine operator to have full visibility at all times. The cabin’s high-quality interior meets all requirements: camera transmission, precise joy-stick control and a powerful automatic climate control system provide an optimal working environment regardless of weather conditions. The Operator Comfort System for Wirtgen large milling machines W 200/W 200i/ W 210/W 210i and W 250i is available as an alternative to the standard operator’s platform with driver’s seat.

Optional one-man operation cuts operating costs

The Operator Comfort System for large milling machines is a useful option for milling contractors wishing to reduce operating costs. It enables milling projects that would normally require an operating crew of two to be completed efficiently by one operator only. This is made possible by six cameras installed to monitor important work processes. The images are displayed on two screens in the cockpit. The large milling machine is operated intuitively via two multifunctional joysticks. Both joysticks are installed at the armrests of the driver’s seat, ergonomically optimized to the seating position of the machine driver to allow convenient operation. All major machine functions, including moving and swiveling of the cabin, are performed via the multifunctional joysticks. All other control instruments are arranged in a clear pattern and in the operator’s immediate field of vision.

Space for top performance – whatever the weather

The continuously adjustable automatic climate control system with heating, cooling and blowing features maintains a pleasant temperature inside the sound-insulated cabin regardless of weather conditions. Comfort seat, radio with CD player, hands-free kit as well as fresh-air filter are part of the cabin’s high-quality equipment features – improved comfort for even better driver performance. Precisely that was the engineering objective: the machine operator can fully focus on his milling job and thus achieve an even better milling quality and milling performance.

Extra in ergonomics: Others turn just the seat, Wirtgen turn the entire cabin

The glazed floor in the cabin’s footwell area provides a direct view of the milling edge. Perfect visibility is additionally ensured by hydraulically moving the entire cabin all the way to the right or left edge of the machine chassis. The generous viewing strip on both sides of the machine offers an excellent view of the working area. Reversing can also be conveniently performed while seated, for the cabin can be swiveled about 110 degrees to the left or right regardless of its current position. Ample room to move, ergonomically arranged controls, excellent all-round visibility, always a pleasant climate and exceptionally low noise levels thanks to effective soundproofing create an optimal working environment for the milling machine operator and ideal conditions to prevent fatigue during work even over longer periods of time.

Ease of transport at the mere push of a switch

Smooth transport of the large milling machines from Wirtgen equipped with the “Operator Comfort System” is guaranteed. A switch enables the cabin to be simply moved into transport position from the ground. The cabin is pivoted down hydraulically about 90 degrees so that transport height and transport width adhere to the standard dimensions in this machine class.


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