Wide selection for rental companies

Easy handling, great service and reliable, high-performance operation – this is what sets HAMM rollers apart. This is why, among other reasons, they are ideally suited as rental machines. Models from the HD CompactLine and H CompactLine series – compact tandem rollers for asphalt construction (HD 8 – HD 14(i)) and compactors for earthworks (H 5i and H 7i) – are especially sought after by rental companies. Heavy HAMM rollers for asphalt construction and earthworks are also becoming increasingly in demand among rental companies. At World of Asphalt 2022, HAMM is exhibiting two machines from this extensive range: The HD 12i VV and HD 14i TT.

CompactLine: Compact, great handling, high gradeability

HAMM CompactLine rollers are extremely compact and impress on the construction site thanks to their outstanding handling. One reason for this is their 3-point articulation. This allows for unique driving stability and an even weight distribution across both axles. When compacting asphalt, this ensures high safety against overturning in curves and even surfaces without undulation formation. The advantages for earthworks include good directional stability and effective impact damping. When working on steep terrain, the H 5i and H 7i compactors are the number one choice. The machines are very compact on the whole – measuring 173.6 in (4.409 mm), the H 7i is the smallest compactor in this weight class in the world.

Very easy to operate with digital solutions

Roller operators can work safely and efficiently with HAMM compact rollers without the need for a training period – an important advantage for rental companies and their customers worldwide. This is made possible by clear, language-neutral, logically arranged symbols, which avoid operating errors. The compact rollers also provide an ergonomically optimized and comfortable driver's platform with outstanding visibility. In short, developers have designed CompactLine rollers in such a way that ensures they are easy to use, maintain and service. With the Smart Doc Android app, compactors in the H CompactLine series are also equipped with a digital solution for real-time compaction documentation. This fulfills the minimum requirements of continuous compaction control, thereby offering an economical alternative to complex continuous compaction control systems.

HD CompactLine series tandem rollers

With more than 20 models available for the North American market, and drum widths ranging from 31.5 in to 54.3 in (800 to 1.380 mm), HD CompactLine tandem rollers cover the entire range of compact rollers for asphalt compaction.

Vibration, oscillation and more

HAMM's HD CompactLine includes various tandem rollers (with vibration and oscillation), combination and pneumatic-tire rollers, and the H CompactLine includes compactors with smooth and padfoot drums. Two tandem rollers are on display at World of Asphalt 2022: The HD 12i VV with two vibrating roller drums, and the HD 14i TT with two sets of wheels. Compactors with vibrating roller drums or VIO drums, which can optionally compact by vibration or oscillation, are available for earthworks.

Special rental equipment

HAMM supplies rollers worldwide with modern engines and environmentally friendly exhaust gas cleaning technology suitable for all markets in accordance with local statutory regulations. There are also numerous enhancement options available. In the case of the HD CompactLine tandem rollers, these include, for example, lighting on the drum edge, a ROPS cab and a chip spreader. H CompactLine compactors are often used as rental machines with economical LED lighting. An automatic engine-off function is also offered for both series. This function switches off the engine automatically if the machine is at a standstill for an extended period of time, thereby saving fuel. The advantages are a reduction in the number of operating hours, protection for the power packs and an increase in the resale value. In both the HD CompactLine and H CompactLine series, HAMM offers WITOS Fleet View, a professional telematics solution providing a convenient overview of consumption and position data, work times, error messages and service intervals. Irrespective of the location and time, you can monitor where machines are located and their operating status. This simplifies scheduling and planning processes and avoids unnecessary machine transportation. Detailed and targeted analyses of machine operating and user behavior make maintenance and servicing easier, and also guarantee that the machines retain their value in the long term. WITOS FleetView also assists with surveillance by sending automated notifications via e-mail in the event of unauthorized access to the machine. One example of this would be moving the machine when locked.

Extremely fast loading

The HAMM solution for transporting the HD CompactLine tandem roller is particularly practical. The models up to 6,000 lbs (3 t) in working weight can be loaded via a central lifting point on the stirrup, even on small transport vehicles. This saves time and is very simple – a further advantage for rental companies and their customers.

Easy maintenance

The smart maintenance concept is also important for rental companies – HAMM has reduced the number of maintenance points and arranged all items necessary for daily maintenance within convenient reach on one side of the engine. The machines have been designed with long intervals for all other services, which ensures high machine availability. In summary, HAMM CompactLine rollers are a safe investment for every rental company. They are reliable, having proved themselves on the market for years, they are robust in their use and, for precisely these reasons, are highly valued by customers.

H CompactLine series: Ideal for small construction sites

In high demand among rental companies, the H 5i and H 7i H CompactLine compactors are extremely easy to operate and transport. On compaction jobs, they stand out for their remarkable gradeability, very good driving characteristics and generous ground clearance.

Close to our customers – Smart Service Agreement for rental companies

With the Smart Service Agreement, the WIRTGEN GROUP also offers the highest level of service at all times for the HAMM rollers in the rental fleet, as well as full cost transparency. The Smart Service Agreement is an individual agreement between customers and the subsidiary, and can be entered into for all WIRTGEN GROUP brand machines. Using the Smart Service, operators can ensure that a perfectly maintained fleet of machines is always available, thereby ensuring everything is already taken care of. The subsidiaries handle all services, including the necessary organization, automatically and unprompted. This ensures that no inspection or filter change is forgotten. All costs are transparent, right from the beginning.

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