HD 14i TT – compact pneumatic-tire roller for road-building and gardening and landscaping

The agile and versatile rollers on the HD CompactLine are user-friendly all-rounders for road-building and gardening and landscaping. This enables HAMM to cover a range of 3506 to 10,551 lbs (1,5 to 4,5 t). In addition to the tandem and combination rollers, their range of products has always also included a compact pneumatic-tire roller. This has undergone a facelift, and been made available in North America under the name HD 14i TT since 2021. The "i" in the name informs you that it fulfills the requirements of the EU Stage V/EPA Tier 4 exhaust emission standard. At World of Asphalt 2022, HAMM has an HD 14i TT on display which boasts many impressive features within its compact frame.

Strong compact rollers

The HD CompactLine from HAMM is the world's most comprehensive series in the compact segment. For the North American market alone, there are currently 22 compact tandem rollers available, including the HD 14i TT pneumatic-tire roller. The series is rounded off by country- and market-specific machines, for example in China. All of the models in this series are extremely compact. They are therefore ideal for use on small and cramped construction sites. Their most important features include perfect visibility thanks to a tapered front vehicle, a low machine height, and great transport and driving characteristics. The 3-point articulation in particular allows for unique driving stability and great directional stability. The drum width of this articulated roller ranges from 31.5 in to 54.3 in (800 to 1.380 mm). There are also models with oscillation for all markets. This makes these agile compaction machines user-friendly all-rounders for compacting road surfaces in road construction as well as soils and paths in landscaping.

HD 14i TT: Facelift and new engine

HAMM offers the reworked pneumatic-tire roller in the HD CompactLine under the name HD 14i TT. With a working weight of around 7,817 lbs (3.545 kg) and a working width of 50.2 in (1.276 mm), it is suitable for repair work and for compacting small paths and surfaces. It shows its strengths wherever asphalt has to be gently compacted or pressed without vibration. Thanks to the compact dimensions, compaction can also be effortlessly carried out in extremely narrow spaces. Added to this is a large side clearance, meaning that the HD 14i TT can compact right to the edge on curbs and small walls. Its economic, quiet drive is also impressive. The Kubota engine with DOC-DPF and 37.4 kW of power fulfills the requirements of the EPA Tier 4 standard for North America and all other countries with comparable emissions legislation (EU Stage V).

Highly versatile

The compact HD 14i TT pneumatic-tire roller from HAMM impresses with a working width of 50.2 in (1276 mm) and a maximum operating weight of 9702 lbs (4.400 kg).

Optimum visibility

The design of the HD CompactLine with wasp waist always guarantees excellent visibility. With this facelift, HAMM has yet again improved visibility. The roller offers even greater safety on the construction site, as well as a better view of the surface that is to be compacted.

Great basic equipment and a range of options

The standard equipment of the HD 14i TT includes convenience features, such as the vibration-isolated operator’s platform and the 12 V socket. However, the vandal-proof cover on the dashboard, the electronic battery isolation switch or the pressure water-sprinkling system are part of the basic package. Added to this is a large selection of options, including a driver's seat with seat heating, the ROPS cab and the automatic engine stop function for economical and environmentally friendly operation.

Extremely straightforward operation

As part of the HD CompactLine, the HD 14i TT pneumatic-tire roller is extremely easy and safe to operate from the offset without the need for any period of familiarization. Simple access, minimal controls, and unique, language-neutral, logically arranged symbols prevent operating errors.

HAMM pneumatic-tire rollers for large jobs too

In addition to the HD 14i TT, HAMM's range includes other pneumatic-tire rollers: The HP 180i (working weight 18,224 – 37,882 lbs, 8.265 - 17.180 kg) and the HP 280i (working weight 20,551 – 59,469 lbs, 9.320 - 26.970 kg). With a working width of 82 in (2.084 mm), both are suitable for larger projects. The range of potential applications extends from soil stabilization and cold recycling, through to gardening and landscaping, as well as final compaction and surface sealing in asphalt construction. They also fulfill the exhaust gas directives in accordance with EU Stage V/EPA Tier 4. One of the technical highlights of this "big sister" is the intelligent ballasting concept for the optimum compaction results. Furthermore, characteristics such as the extremely versatile water-sprinkling system with innovative additive supply and the modern travel drive guarantee high quality and productivity. Both models have been available for the North American market since CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2020.

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