Swiss company Recytec continues investing in Kleemann plants

Recytec from Switzerland specializes in the processing of waste materials and materials in the recyclable mineral chain. This includes, for example, gravel and railway sleepers. Recytec has now extended its vehicle fleet and is participating in work on the tunnel construction project on the A1.

Building sites that become smaller and smaller, flexible operating times, changing personnel – the requirements in the tertiary sector are high. This is why Recytec has now decided on a MOBICAT MC 110 Z EVO. The mobile jaw crusher from Kleemann is faultless for flexible applications. With a feed capacity of up to 300 tons per hour, the crushing plant is highly productive. It works highly efficiently and saves energy at the same time. The reason for this is the diesel-directdrive, with which only the crusher unit is driven directly via the diesel engine. A diesel particulate filter is integrated in the engine. The content of fines is screened out directly in the double-deck prescreen so that the crusher unit is preserved and the final grain size corresponds with the requirements. The Continuous Feed System guarantees optimum filling of the jaw crusher.

The jaw crusher crushes excavated material from the tunnel, which is then conveyed away directly in carriages.

The MC 110 Z EVO proved it's value right from the start: extension of the northern Zurich bypass on the A1. This project involves the blasting advance construction of a third tube for the Gubrist Tunnel. The excavated material was crushed directly on site by the jaw crusher to a maximum grain size of 150 mm. The crushed material was loaded into rail carriages and driven to Wildegg to an excavated material sites. A temporary loading station was set up directly at the tunnel portal for this purpose.

Day-to-day work demonstrated time and again how important simple control of the machine is. Due to the rotating shifts with many different employees, the machine operator changes frequently. Thanks to simple operation with a touch panel and illuminated keys, however, this is not a problem. The jaw crusher can even be operated by a single person because, for example, the hopper walls can be folded hydraulically from the ground and the crushing gap can also be adjusted fully hydraulically. The set-up times thus remain short and operation is safe. A further advantage is the linkage option with other plants. The MC 110 Z EVO, for example, can thus be combined perfectly with a MOBISCREEN screening plant. Lots of reasons that convinced Recytec that the Kleemann jaw crusher was the correct choice. After making the decision, the company did not have to wait long for its new plant: The machine was delivered already after three days because the dealer Gurtner Baumaschinen happened to have a suitable model in stock in Ohringen.