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WITOS Paving has been made even more user-friendly

Digital process optimization solutions significantly increase quality and efficiency in road construction, but are often also complex. Vögele has adapted its WITOS Paving Telematics On Site Solutions even more closely to the needs of road construction planners, site managers and paving teams, incorporating a wide range of practical new features.

"All the development activities and new features that go into our digital road construction solutions ultimately have one goal: to make the work of planners, site managers and paving teams easier, and provide them with the best possible support in the form of reliable, comprehensible and transparent information."

Dr. Stephan Weller
Head of Software Products at Joseph Vögele AG

Three-level modular system for all applications

With RoadScan, WITOS Paving Docu and WITOS Paving Plus, Vögele has been offering a three-level modular system with different feature sets for a number of years. The three tools are tailored to the different needs and users, and can be combined or complement each other in a variety of ways. The RoadScan non-contacting measurement system enables users to monitor the paving temperature over a wide area; the WITOS Paving Docu documentation tool allows machine and process data to be recorded and evaluated; and with the high-end WITOS Paving Plus solution all paving processes can be planned and optimized in real time. Vögele has now added some practical additional functions to the three solutions, incorporating a wide range of new features.

App-based paving temperature monitoring

The new Jobsite Temp app, in conjunction with the RoadScan temperature measurement system, enables users of WITOS Paving Docu and WITOS Paving Plus to view all relevant paving temperature data on site. Alongside real-time paving temperatures, site foremen are able to monitor lots of other data points, including the current paving speed, the screed width, and the paver's position. To track where each truck is unloading, they can also view the trucks' positions, together with the related delivery note information. Roller operators can see their own position and distance from the paver, as well as being able to define exclusion zones.

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"The Jobsite Temp app provides paving teams with a comprehensive real-time overview of all temperature data."

Dr. Stephan Weller
Head of Software Products at Joseph Vögele AG

The app is intuitive and easy to use – a key attribute on busy construction sites. The app and the paver are connected over a WLAN network, so information can be exchanged between the RoadScan temperature measurement system and a smartphone even where there is no cell signal. The paver acts as a server, with a maximum wireless range of about 90 yards.

Smart temperature measurement system

The RoadScan temperature measurement system itself has also been upgraded further. Moving objects on site which might previously interfere with the thermal imaging are now automatically detected and corrected. The RoadScan system compares up to four images of one position, meaning it can detect moving obstacles such as rollers. Any resulting measurement errors are immediately eliminated from the thermal image. This provides site managers and paving foremen with an accurate overview of paving temperatures.

To enable the operator and paving foreman to concentrate even more closely on the actual paving operation, Vögele's developers have incorporated an additional automatic system for calibrating the distance counter: The RoadScan system's GPS receiver and the distance counter are now synchronized automatically every 2 meters (about six and a half feet).

Planning and documentation made even easier

WITOS Paving Docu provides paving teams with everything they need to create comprehensive job site documentation. They can now also enter job target values such as tonnages, paving distances or areas directly into the Jobsite app and track their progress. And they can view the delivery notes of trucks that have already been unloaded in a truck history.

Vögele has also upgraded its WITOS Paving Plus process optimization solution, making it easier for planners and site managers to compile and submit tenders. Once they have entered the relevant planning data in the Control module, they can create a template for a paving and logistics plan and generate it as an editable document. That saves time and effort, while still enabling job-specific details or comments to be added.

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