New front-mounted extending screed in operation

JOSEPH VÖGELE AG has been offering its VF 500 and VF 600 extending screeds with front-mounted extensions in the North American market for many years. Building on their success and aided by customer input, both products have undergone a thorough technical update, delivering numerous advantages for owners and operators. The new screeds are already showing positive results - including a VF 600 in Holmes County, Mississippi.

VÖGELE screeds are renowned in the industry worldwide for their high precision and robustness. The VF 500 and 600 screeds are designed specifically for the North American market, and provide one key feature above all: speed. Both consistently meet the demands of paving at high speed and across widely varying pave widths. The telescopic guidance system, for example, enables very smooth and precise width adjustment. The L-shaped frame also provides high rigidity in longitudinal and transverse directions, while allowing controlled torsion. This means the screeds can be adapted very well to a wide variety of paving situations, including when installing speed bumps. The hydraulic bolt-on extensions also enable the paving team to vary the working width quickly and precisely.

First deployment on a ten-mile stretch in Holmes County, Mississippi: The new VF 600 front-mounted extending screed impressed the paving team right from the get-go.

As they are manufactured alongside the pavers at VÖGELE's main plant in Germany, the VF screeds are perfectly matched to the towing vehicles. The VF 500 is an 8 ft class screed, and can be extended hydraulically up to 15 ft 7 in. With built-on attachments, it even allows pave widths of up to 19 ft 6 in. It can be paired with the VÖGELE SUPER 1700-3i or SUPER 1703-3i pavers.  The larger VF 600, a 10 ft class screed, can be hydraulically extended to 19 ft 6 in and, with attachments, achieves a maximum pave width of 25  ft 5 in. It works in conjunction with the SUPER 2000-3i or SUPER 2003-3i.

Wide range of innovations enhance user-friendliness

VÖGELE's developers have introduced lots of technical innovations and user-friendly new features into the upgraded products, including a further improvement of the screeds' floating behavior. To achieve that, their weight was reduced and the material flow in front of the screed optimized. This prevents material build-up, minimizes wear and tear, and makes cleaning much easier.

High quality and user-friendliness were also the key drivers of the other improvements made: The maintenance and servicing work required has been significantly reduced overall. The VF 500 and VF 600 are now even quicker and easier to clean. And the screed plates and heating rods are now much more readily accessible, so very easy to swap out when servicing. Highly practical features include conveniently placed tool holders, as well as cup holders for the screed operators' drinks.

"We're ready to go to work in no time with our new paver and the VF 600," enthuses APAC-Mississippi paver operator Ricky Morgan.

Electric screed heater and ergonomic working

The advantageous new features are backed by established VÖGELE technologies that are well proven all around the world, including the electric screed heater. It quickly brings the screed plates and all parts coming into contact with the material up to temperature. Its key benefit is uniform heating across the entire screed plate - a crucial factor in achieving high paving quality.

With their compact, clear design and great ease of use, the VF screeds are also closely tailored to users' needs. The highly intuitive ErgoPlus 3 operating concept - comprising an ergonomic paver operator's platform with one operator console and two screed control consoles - provides a clear layout of all functions and symbols. It enables the operator to set, monitor and change all relevant paving parameters, including for the Niveltronic Plus system for automated grade and slope control. The screed width can be conveniently adjusted with the SmartWheel - either slowly for precision control, such as along a curb edge, or rapidly, for driveways and at junctions. In addition to the screed control consoles, VÖGELE provide users with two remote control units featuring practical magnetic fixings, so they can operate the key screed functions from the best location at all times.

Practical test: High precision across the entire pave width

But what do the upgraded features and functions of the new VÖGELE front-mounted extending screeds bring to the job? A job site in Holmes County, Mississippi, demonstrates: Contractor APAC-Mississippi, Inc. opted for the new VF 600 along with its purchase of the VÖGELE SUPER 2003-3i. Its first deployment was on a ten-mile stretch of US highway 51. Between Pickens and Durant, the APAC team laid a surface course of 9.5 MM Superpave with a working width of 12 ft and a thickness of 1.5 in. The VÖGELE wheeled paver, together with the VF 600, performed superbly right from the get-go, and also made job site operations much more efficient.

"There are a lot of driveways and junctions on this section, so we have to change the working width frequently. The unit is easy to control, and the hydraulics are super smooth, both of which helped us to do a good job," says screed operator Fred Course Jr.

A big benefit was the ability to quickly and easily vary the working width of the VF 600. The paver's powerful hydraulics control the two extensions separately, so very evenly. "There are a lot of driveways and junctions on this section, so we have to change the working width frequently.," reports one of APAC's screed operators, Fred Course Jr. "The unit is easy to control, and the hydraulics are super smooth, both of which helped us to do a good job." Paver operator Ricky Morgan is also a big fan: "We're ready to go to work in no time with our new paver and the VF 600."

The new VÖGELE VF 600 front-mounted extending screed combines proven technologies with numerous practical innovations.

Highlights of VÖGELE VF 500 and VF 600 front-mounted extending screeds
  • VF 500: Hydraulically adjustable from 8 ft to 15 ft 7 in; maximum pave width with attachments 19 ft 6 in
  • VF 600: Hydraulically adjustable from 10 ft to 19 ft 6 in; maximum pave width with attachments 25 ft 5 in
  • Smooth-running, robust telescopic system for precision working at all widths
  • Innovative electric screed heater
  • Easy-to-use ErgoPlus 3 operator control system
  • Compact design provides a good view of all relevant areas
  • Very easy to clean
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