Bauma 2022

Bauma 2022 Innovations: New Classic Line Pavers

With its SUPER 1300 tracked paver and SUPER 1303 wheeled paver, Vögele is introducing two new compact Classic Line machines

SUPER pavers of the Classic Line series deliver all the key paving functions, top quality and an attractive price/benefit ratio. At Bauma 2022, Vögele is introducing two Classic Line machines with its SUPER 1300 tracked paver and SUPER 1303 wheeled paver; both feature simple operation and compact dimensions.

Powerful, durable and versatile: the new compact Vögele Classic Line pavers: this image shows SUPER 1300 with crawler tracks.

Two new Classic Line road pavers

At Bauma 2022, Vögele is introducing two Compact Class pavers which are ideal for construction projects which are relatively small, yet on a tight schedule. Both pavers are available in various markets with European exhaust emissions standard stage 3a and/or US EPA Tier 3.

The SUPER 1300 tracked paver and the SUPER 1303 wheeled paver enable customers and users to rehabilitate a huge variety of road surfaces and to complete local and regional construction projects to a high standard both economically and efficiently.

Vögele supplies SUPER pavers in two lines: in addition to the Premium Line, there is also the Classic Line which is home to the two new pavers. This line is aimed at contractors who depend on durable, reliable technology but whose projects do not require the full range of Vögele Premium Line paver functions, such as AutoSet Plus automatic functions.

SUPER 1300 and SUPER 1303: simple to operate with ErgoBasic

The new SUPER 1300 and SUPER 1303 compact pavers deliver all the basic functions users need for paving. Both pavers are controlled using both the clearly structured, easily-learned ErgoBasic operating system and the Niveltronic Basic System for Automated Grade and Slope Control. The two new SUPER Classic Line pavers can be combined with the AB 340 Extending Screed plus compacting systems of tamper (T), vibrators (V) or a combination (TV). Potential pave widths are between 1.8 m and 3.4 m, with cut-off shoes for 0.75 m and with bolt-on extensions for up to 5 m.

Powerful and durable

With their compact design, a 74.4 kW diesel engine and a laydown rate of up to 350 t/h, the pavers are powerful, durable and versatile. What is more, the SUPER 1300 tracked paver and the SUPER 1303 wheeled paver meet the requirements of European exhaust emissions standard Stage 3a and US EPA Tier 3.

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