bauma 2016: A catwalk of innovations in Wirtgen's large milling machines, too

They are the machines of choice for renewing expansive asphalt or concrete surfaces: Wirtgen's large milling machines. With working widths of 1.5 m to 4.4 m, these nine powerhouses round out the “high end” of Wirtgen's line of cold milling machines, alongside the small and compact classes, as visitors to bauma 2016 will see. This family of large milling machines packs a number of innovations that further optimize cost efficiency.

Large milling machines in all weight and milling performance classes

The highest horsepower machines – comprising the W 1900, W 200 / W 200i, W 2000, W 200 Hi, W 210 / W 210i, W 220 and W 250i – can do more than just remove asphalt or concrete pavements layer by layer down to a maximum working depth of 35 cm. They can also roughen surfaces, level substrates, produce plane surfaces with millimeter accuracy and remove tunnel floors. The variety of applications these large Wirtgen milling machines can handle is immense, as is the flexibility with which they can adapt to individual milling jobs Designed for high performance, they do their job with high productivity and cost-efficiency thanks to pioneering technologies.

Modern technology for diverse applications

The drive concept of the W 210i and W 250i, for example, is among the proven Wirtgen features. With two diesel engines, the machine operator can use engine power on demand, reducing fuel costs by up to 25% compared to a comparable, conventional drive system.

The parallel-to-surface function (PTS) automatically positions the large milling machines parallel to the road surface, ensuring simple and flawless machine operation for high-quality profiling work. This automatic function carries out all the steps an operator would otherwise have to select individually. For instance, automating the process of lowering the machine into the milled cut helps to avoid excessive tool wear or even breakage when milling begins.

Another example is the Intelligent Speed Control System (ISC). Like a traction control system in a car, ISC minimizes spinning of the crawler tracks, enabling optimum traction in each one so that the machine can achieve its maximum possible milling performance. ISC displays its strengths most effectively on demanding milling jobs.

With its Operator Comfort System (OCS), Wirtgen sets new standards in operating convenience and user-friendliness. The hydraulic moving and swiveling cabin is the heart of OCS. It can be positioned quickly and effectively to give the machine operator the best possible view at all times. The high-quality equipment inside the cabin leaves nothing to be desired: Camera transmission, precision joystick control, and a powerful automatic climate control system provide for optimum working conditions in any weather.

Innovation: Dual conveyor belt

Wirtgen also introduces practical solutions at bauma 2016 that further optimize the performance and cost-efficiency of its large milling machines. One entirely new development is the integration of a dual conveyor on the most powerful milling machine, the W 250i. Two, parallel belts uniformly accelerate the milled material, transferring it in a compact stream to the waiting truck.

Numerous other detailed optimizations, such as to the camera system, operator consoles, scraper activation system and job data processing, help to complete milling jobs even more efficiently.


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