Environmentally Friendly, Cost-Effective, and Safe!

Interview with Martin Diekmann, Product Manager Cold Recycling by WIRTGEN

Why is cold in-plant recycling so environmentally friendly?

"First and foremost, because the material from the existing road surface is recycled 100%. This drastically reduces the amount of material that needs to be transported from or to landfills or quarries. Recycling also consumes significantly less total energy than all other rehabilitation options."

In addition to being better for the environment, it also cuts costs for ordering authority as well, correct?

"That’s right, it saves both transport and disposal costs. But cold recycling offers further advantages. Recyclers achieve high production rates that significantly reduce construction times compared to most alternative rehabilitation methods. No wonder, then, that cold recycling has long been established as a standard process in many countries. It is the solution for the sustainable, economical and rapid rehabilitation of old transport networks. And the need for rehabilitation is undoubtedly there."

What are the synergy effects for the WIRTGEN GROUP’s customers?

"The WIRTGEN GROUP subsidiaries not only offer complete, perfectly compatible machine technology from a single source, including the necessary laboratory equipment for preliminary tests. We also offer our customers comprehensive application consulting services and, in the case of major projects, expert support during construction work from our application experts. And anyone who wants to first become familiar with the subject can participate in our training programs. Our experts are happy to pass on their practical knowledge to our customers."

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