Leadership through passion: W 100 CFi is the culmination of the new generation of small milling machines

Wirtgen GmbH will be unveiling the absolute highlight of a new generation of small milling machines – the W 100 CFi – before international trade visitors at Intermat 2015. In addition to the W 100 CFi, the new series of one-meter machines also includes two further, innovative models – the W 120 CFi and W 130 CFi – with working widths of 1.20 m and 1.30 m, respectively. With these three new front loaders, the new generation of small milling machines now comprises a total of five models, following the successful launch of the half-meter milling machines W 50 Ri and W 60 Ri.

The W 100 CFi is equipped with the most eco-friendly engine technology in compliance with EU Stage 4 / US Tier 4 Final and it features a multitude of valuable innovations. Together with the established Wirtgen features, they optimize the milling process, ensure immense flexibility in use and greatly simplify operation of the milling machine.

Optimum view for an outstanding milled result

The chassis of the new W 100 CFi is distinctly narrower and affords the operator a better view to the front. In addition, the operator's platform can be hydraulically displaced 200 mm beyond the edge, thus providing a perfect view ahead of the milling drum assembly and onto the front right-hand crawler track. Thanks to the camera system, the left-hand milled edge or material discharge is always clearly visible to the machine operator on the high-resolution display.

Simple operation promotes the work process

As on the half-meter milling machines, numerous new automatic functions speed up the work processes and relieve the machine operator. On the W 100 CFi too, precise milled results are assured by LEVEL PRO PLUS, the brand-new grade and slope control system developed by Wirtgen and integrated into the machine control system. The preset target milling depth is accurately controlled via robust displacement sensors located in the hydraulic cylinders which are mounted on the side plates. It is indicated on the high-resolution LEVEL PRO PLUS color display.

All key data – including the acquisition and indication of job data – are indicated in color on the operator display in the individually adjustable multi-functional armrest. Four "favorite" buttons which can be programmed with 15 different optional functions have been integrated in the multi-functional armrest for the first time.

High performance ensures rapid project completion

Higher performance equals higher output equals faster progress – and this is all thanks to innovations that allow the customer to respond optimally to different requirements on site. Among other things, the W 100 CFi features a 350 PS engine which requires less fuel despite the high engine rating. Thanks to the new driving dynamics package, the one-meter milling machine can travel at speeds of up to 7.5 km/h. Three optionally selectable milling drum speeds additionally ensure optimum milling output in accordance with requirements. Compared with the preceding model, the W 100 CFi achieves a 15% higher milling output.

Greater efficiency when driving/steering and milling/loading

Driving and steering innovations additionally boost everyday efficiency on the job site. A time-saving swivel mechanism allows the rear right-hand crawler track to be swiveled inwards quickly and automatically without lowering the milling drum. The third position for the rear right-hand crawler track is also new. Outstanding maneuverability is additionally ensured by the automatic tracking function of the rear right-hand crawler track when swiveled inwards and the increased steering angle of the front axle. As a result, the milling machine can describe very small turning circles.

The flexibility and excellent performance of the W 100 CFi are assured by a number of other clever solutions for milling and loading. Even on difficult job sites, such as roundabouts or junctions, material can be loaded without difficulty thanks to the extremely large conveyor slewing angle of 60° to the left or right. For more precise loading, the machine operator can slew the conveyor at two different speeds.

Available since November, the new W 100 CFi will be delivered to customers starting in March 2015.


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