Solutions involving machine and application technology since bauma 2019

HAMM has launched solutions in the area of machine and application technology, such as the remote control for compactors and the particularly gradeable C models in the H series. Additional models have been added for the HP series pneumatic-tyre rollers. The familiar Easy Drive operating concept has been integrated into the HP 180i and HP 280i models. New, diesel-driven tyre heating is also available as an option for these two models. In the area of compact rollers, the articulated HD 14i TT pneumatic-tyre roller has undergone a complete facelift.

Remote-controlled compactor

Across the world, there are more and more projects for which the compactors can be operated by remote control only, in order to protect the machine operator. For these cases, HAMM has developed a remote control and therefore moved the driver's platform to the outside. As a result, all of the functions of the compactors in the H series can be activated and operated from a safe distance. The drivers receive all of the information that is required to work safely and to a high quality. For this, the large display on the remote control displays the direction of travel and speed, in addition to the usual information. The driver also sees the operating data from the drum and engine. A remote-controlled roller has been in permanent use in the recultivation of the Wilhelmsglück quarry in Southern Germany since 2019. The 20 t compactor from the H series fills and compacts the quarry there using material from various construction measures. Once compaction has taken place along the rock face, which has a height of 35 m, there is a risk that the vibrations will cause stones to come loose from the face and fall onto the roller. The remote control can also be used in the area immediately in front of the break-off edge to safely compact to a high level of quality without personnel having to remain in the cab and therefore in the danger zone.

C models

In all markets, customers are using their compactors in quarries and on rough terrain. HAMM has developed the "C models" for these types of application. These machines are fitted with a reinforced hydrostatic drive and provide up to 30% more drive torque. This means that their traction and gradeability are even better than that of the standard models, enabling them to work on inclines in excess of 60%. The additional power is also impressively noticeable when working with the dozer blade. They remain economical here: Fuel consumption in the C models is almost identical to that in models without reinforced drives because all rollers have the same diesel engine. When compacting in a quarry near Stuttgart, the C version of a H 20i quickly proves its worth. The compactors complete two tasks: They compact and, at the same time, move heaped material using a dozer blade. With the reinforced drive, this is also no problem in the long run.

Increased drive torque and traction

Thanks to the reinforced drive, the H 20i C P from HAMM also always has sufficient traction when moving and compacting large masses of earth on substrate that is difficult to navigate.

H 20i C P

> Max. operating weight: 20,930 kg (46,151 lbs)

> Power: 160 kW

> Centrifugal force: 331/242 kN (74,475/54,450 lbs)

> Amplitude: 1.93/1.14 mm (0.076/0.045 in)

> Gradeability (with/without vibration): 61/66%

C models for heavy-duty uses

The HAMM compactors that have the "C" in their name have a reinforced drive. With their heavy-duty properties, they are specially equipped for compacting cohesive soils. Furthermore, the C models can handle inclines in excess of 60%.

Gradeability (with/without vibration):

> H 13i C: 57/62%

> H 13i C P: 60/65%

> H 20i C: 58/63%

> H 20i C P: 61/66%

> H 25i C R: 61/66%

> H 25i C P: 61/66%

Diesel-powered tyre heating

In some regions, tyre heating is a must for pneumatic-tyre rollers in order to compact to a high level of quality since the heated tyres prevent the asphalt from adhering to the tyres. Furthermore, the heating can also expand the area of application since, with heated tyres, the roller can also be used on asphalts that are difficult to compact or asphalt mixes that cool quickly. For a long time, gas cylinders for heating were customary in the industry. HAMM now offers diesel-driven heating for the HP 180i and HP 280i models. The advantages are clear: On the one hand, the tyres are consistently kept at the required temperature in a sensor-controlled process. On the other hand, there is no need to procure and handle gas cylinders, which therefore also removes the safety risks. Finally, this also makes it easier to transport the rollers.

Diesel instead of gas

With the new tyre heating from HAMM, both wheelsets are heated separately by a diesel-driven burner at the front and rear.

Overview of the advantages of the new, diesel-powered tyre heating:

> No additional tank, no space required for gas cylinders

> High level of safety: No naked flames (heating by convection), no recoil flame

> No ballasting restrictions

Thermal apron

The temperature-resistant thermal apron keeps the heat where it is required.

The advantages:

> Accelerated heating of the tyres

> The tyres are protected against cooling down

> Easy installation

Available for all models in the HP series

Pneumatic-tyre rollers: New models, optimised additive sprinkling and Easy Drive

HAMM added an additional model to complete the HP series pneumatic-tyre rollers in 2020. The new HP 180i, with an operating weight between 8.2 t and 17 t (depending on the ballasting), meets the requirements of the brands in Europe and North America. Furthermore, the additive sprinkling has been further optimised for all machines: The additive concentrate is filled easily without any premixing. The roller automatically doses and mixes the additive during the compaction in accordance with the specification. The addition can be flexibly controlled from the driver's platform. From the outset, HAMM therefore prevents the additive-water mixture from decomposing. Furthermore, it is therefore possible to convert the sprinkling from water to additive at any time. There was also something new on the pneumatic-tyre rollers in terms of operation: Now the models in this series with engines in accordance with EPA Tier 4/EU Stage V are also equipped with the Easy Drive operating concept. This makes it particularly easy, safe and convenient to operate all of the rollers since HAMM has designed the dashboard incl. display, the joystick and a multifunction armrest in such a way that they are language-neutral in all Easy Drive rollers and look almost identical, except for a few, machine-specific functions. For example, identical colours are used on buttons and operating elements in all Easy Drive machines to indicate that they belong to the same functional groups. The switches or buttons for identical functions are also always positioned in the same place in the driver's platform. This makes it extremely easy to switch from one machine type to another. This also increases safety since Easy Drive allows each driver to respond quickly and correctly without any previous knowledge.

Easy Drive inclusive

A steering wheel is used for steering in all Easy Drive rollers. All other functions are operated via the joystick and the multifunction armrest.

The advantages:

> Clearly arranged function keys

> Standardised arrangement of control units

> No two buttons have the same function

> Identical symbols and look across multiple machine series

> Prevents operator errors as control units and buttons are always in the same place

> Standardised operation across multiple machine series

> Shortest possible learning and familiarisation times

> Drivers' work is made easier thanks to intuitive operation

Modern driver's platform

The HP series pneumatic-tyre rollers offer a modern, spacious driver's platform or panoramic cab with maximum visibility over the machine and the construction site. In this respect, all models comply with the new ISO 5006-2017 "Field of view standard" which is markedly stricter than the previous provisions.

Four series – one operating concept

One operating concept for four types of machine: Easy Drive from HAMM is available for DV+ series and HD+ series tandem rollers, H series compactors and HP series pneumatic-tyre rollers.

Obvious similarities: The Easy Drive operating concept is not only easy and intuitive to learn, it also allows for a problem-free switch between various roller types during operation (from left to right: DV+ series, HD+ series, H series, HP series).

2-in-1: HD 14i TT compact pneumatic-tyre roller

In addition to the pneumatic-tyre rollers in the HP series, HAMM also has a "little sister" in the range: The HD 14i TT, a compact pneumatic-tyre roller for the EU Stage V/Tier 4 markets. This articulated compact roller has undergone a facelift and, as with the models in the HP series, it fulfils the new, strict requirements of the "Field of view standard" DIN EN 474. HAMM therefore offers even greater safety on the construction site as well as a better view of the surface that is to be compacted. With a max. operating weight of around 4 t and a working width of 1276 mm, the HD 14i TT is suitable for repair work and for compacting small paths and surfaces. It shows its strengths wherever asphalt has to be gently compacted or pressed without vibration. Thanks to the compact dimensions, compaction can also be effortlessly carried out in extremely narrow spaces. Added to this is a large side clearance, meaning that the HD 14i TT can compact right to the edge on kerbs and low walls. Its economic, quiet drive is also impressive.

Comprehensive standard equipment

The standard equipment of the HD 14i TT from HAMM includes convenience features, such as the ergonomic driver’s platform and the 12 V socket. The vandal-proof cover on the dashboard, the electronic battery isolation switch and the pressure water sprinkling system are also part of the basic package.

HD 14i TT

Max. operating weight: 4400 kg (9702 lbs)

Power: 37.4 kW

Max. working width: 1276 mm (50.2 in)


12 V socket, three-point articulation, dashboard with displays, indicator lights and switches, locking and weather-resistant dashboard cover, handrails, battery isolation switch, water sprinkling, driver's platform with step on both sides, hydrostatic steering, vibration-isolated operator's platform, front suspension eyelet, lighting package for operating on public roads.

Easy operation

As part of the HD CompactLine, the HD 14i TT pneumatic-tyre roller from HAMM is extremely easy and safe to operate from the offset without the need for any period of familiarisation. Fewer operating elements and unambiguous, logically arranged and language-neutral symbols help to prevent operator errors.