HC Series - soil compactors for the 2020s

HAMM will be presenting their recently developed HC series compactors at CONEXPO CON/AGG. Thanks to a platform strategy, the compaction specialist is able to fulfill the specific requirements regarding national legislation throughout the world. The models for North America and other EPA Tier 3 and EPA Tier 4 markets offer high compacting power with a sustainable, ergonomic, comfortable machine design. Furthermore, these compactors are already "digital-ready" thanks to a variety of interfaces, meaning that they are ready for use on any future digital construction sites.

One platform for all markets

The newly developed HC series from HAMM replaces all of the compactors from the 3000 and H series. The manufacturer has developed a uniform platform that provides models with operating weights ranging from 24,251 to 55,116 lbs (11 - 25 t) globally. The drum width of all models is 84.3 in (2,140 mm). The diesel engine’s power ranges from 85 kW to 160 kW, depending on the weight. A new frame concept creates more tank volume. This allows the compactors to hold up to 89 gals (336 l) of fuel. HAMM is launching an unusually wide range of applications, including options such as various dozer blade versions and a vibration plate compactor. HAMM has C models in all weight classes in its range for use on difficult, steep terrains. Their gradeability is significantly increased thanks to an improved drum gear, improved hydrostatic drive, automatic Traction Control and a no-spin axle.

Tremendous power and economical during continuous operation

The HC series can realize increased overall performance whilst making savings as well thanks to new machine management approaches. HAMMTRONIC and integrated ECO-Mode ensure that the rollers work in the economical partial-load range as often as possible. The speed is reduced for this – but, thanks to a large travel pump and electronic hill-start assist, this is achieved without compromising the power. Overall, this concept saves fuel and reduces noise and exhaust gas emissions. With the optional automatic engine stop, the energy consumption can be reduced even further.

New front vehicle and increased steering angle

A new design for the front vehicle and scraper provides significantly increased clearance at the drum. This prevents material accumulations, which means that corresponding cleaning work is seldom needed. For the steering, a new cast articulated joint with a lock ensures increased steering and swing angles. In addition, thanks to the optimized weight distribution in combination with the Traction Control, the gradeability is increased. HAMM has also increased the compaction force: The centrifugal force has been increased by up to 15% in comparison with previous models, and the static linear load is now as high as 451 lbs (80.6 kg/cm).

Comfortable workstation

HAMM has further increased the high level of operator comfort in the cab through numerous storage compartments, over 20% more tread and around 30% more volume, less vibration load and a reduced noise level. A new heating and air-conditioning system, the Easy Drive operating concept, the comfortable steering system and a modern ventilation concept round off the comfort offered by a sophisticated construction machine. Furthermore, HAMM provides new special equipment that increases seat rotation 70°. There is also the option to incorporate an auxiliary heater. The operators benefit from the modified engine cooling air routing on compactors with an open platform: Fresh air is drawn in from above behind the operator's platform and the hot exhaust air is discharged at the rear of the machine. This means that the heated air does not affect the driver.

Great day and night visibility

HAMM has improved visibility even further through this design. Here, in particular, the design of the bonnet with viewing channel allows a clear view to the rear. 10-fold lighting with economical LED lamps is available as an option to provide plenty of light whilst working in the dark. The exterior rear-view mirrors are installed to be low-vibration and they can be adjusted from the operator's platform. The exterior rear-view mirrors can be adjusted from the operator’s platform and are installed to be low-vibration. After switching off the machine, the Coming Home function provides additional safety as the light remains switched on for a brief period before the spotlights are deactivated automatically.

Ready for a digital construction site

The HC series is well prepared for the quality and communication requirements of the future. The "Smart Doc" app, which was developed by HAMM, graphically displays all of the key compaction parameters and compaction progress whilst logging the measured rigidity and position data. Thanks to this app, even inexperienced drivers can immediately see which areas have been sufficiently compacted and which areas still require compaction. HAMM will be upgrading the app during 2023 with functions that will network the rollers on the construction site (M2M = machine-to-machine) and exchange data via a cloud (M2C = machine-to-cloud).

Maintenance via the JD Link telematics system

HAMM provides the JD Link telematics system for maintenance and repairs and operational planning. It visualizes the performance data of the rollers in a compact overview in real time. In addition to live data such as fuel consumption, fill levels or engine load, position data, error messages and service intervals can also be called up at any time and from any location.

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