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HAMM Compactors

The HAMM product range covers articulated soil compactors ranging from 5 to 25 t for soil and landfill compaction. You can choose between soil compactors with smooth drums, padfoot drums, VIO drums (vibration and oscillation) or VC drums (vibration crusher).

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HAMM Tandem rollers
Tandem rollers

With articulated and pivot-steered tandem rollers of between 1.5 and 14 t, HAMM is offering a large range of machines for practically any application in asphalt construction for all markets. This includes double vibration rollers (VV), rollers with vibration and oscillation drums (VO, VO-S), combination rollers (VT, VT-S, OT) vibration rollers with split drums (VV-S) and rollers with split vibration and oscillation drums (VS-OS).

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HAMM Pneumatic-tire rollers
Pneumatic-tire rollers

HAMM offers pneumatic tire rollers with an operating weight of between 8 and 28 t (depending on ballasting) for all markets. The pneumatic tire rollers are suitable for earthwork and asphalt construction.

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HAMM Trench rollers
Trench rollers

Remote controlled trench rollers perfect for compacting excavations and base layers for foundations. The remote control works with infrared technology, providing the highest possible safety standard.

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