An innovative contracting business makes a name for itself

At his brand headquarters in Windhagen, Reinhard Wirtgen systematically expanded his fleet of large milling machines to as many as 100 units. He and his staff, which had meanwhile grown to 150, operated the machines in the contracting industry throughout Germany and beyond.

As WIRTGEN successfully completed an ever-increasing number of rehabilitation jobs using the milling process, milling was finally included in the invitations to tender as a standard process. At the end of the 1970s, WIRTGEN succeeded in making the technological leap from hot milling to cold milling, which significantly increased the economic efficiency of the milling process. It signified a pioneering step in WIRTGEN’s core business area.

The hot recycling process was developed as a second, additional road rehabilitation method. Reinhard Wirtgen introduced it into the market with great determination – here again, using machines built in his own workshop that were part of his own contracting fleet. The international development of the company began when Reinhard Wirtgen set up the first subsidiary companies outside of Germany.