State-of-the-art machines and cutting-edge technologies for road construction and mining

WIRTGEN supplies a complete range of mobile machines and high-quality services for all areas of road construction and open-cast mining. More than 83 machine models in the large Road and Mineral Technologies ranges are produced using state-of-the-art technology at our headquarters in Windhagen.

With its innovative, high-performance and cost-efficient products and technologies for cold milling, soil stabilization, hot and cold recycling, concrete paving and surface mining, WIRTGEN leads the world market in road construction and repair, as well as in mining natural rock and pay minerals. We develop both the machines and the technologies.

WIRTGEN cold milling machines

WIRTGEN cold milling machines are used in road rehabilitation projects to remove the damaged road pavement to the specified depth – irrespective of whether only the surface course is milled off or the entire bound pavement structure needs to be removed. The product portfolio extends from machines suitable for the rehabilitation of small areas and minor repair jobs all the way to large machines for the efficient removal of entire traffic areas on motorways or airports.

WIRTGEN’s leading position is based in no small part on its core competence in cutting technology. It comprises everything, from low-wear cutting tools and the various toolholder systems all the way to complete milling drums of most diverse design. All components are specifically tailored to fit the milling machine they are used in. In addition to the comprehensive delivery range of standard and optional milling drums, WIRTGEN offers its customers the design and manufacture of special, customized milling drums.

All WIRTGEN cold milling machines at a glance

WIRTGEN cold and hot recyclers

The time eventually comes for every road that its service life is at an end, and rehabilitation measures are required to preserve the pavement substance. For an environmentally gentle rehabilitation of road pavements, the existing construction materials are fully reused, which significantly reduces material costs. Different technologies are used, depending on whether the damage is limited to the road’s surface course or has been caused by structural defects.

In the cold recycling process, the bound and unbound layers of the pavement structure are milled at full depth and recycled by adding new binding agents and additives to produce a stable layer capable of withstanding traffic loads. As a pioneer, WIRTGEN has played a vital role right from the start in promoting this environmentally friendly method.

Hot recycling involves the rehabilitation of bituminous surface courses – a job that the WIRTGEN Remixer completes in a single pass. In the process, the asphalt pavement is softened, recycled with binding agents and supplementary mix, and then placed again immediately true to grade and slope.

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Cold recyclers
Hot recyclers

WIRTGEN soil stabilizer

The stabilizers made by WIRTGEN are primarily used to improve the bearing capacity of soils or pavement structures. The existing material – both bound and unbound – is recycled by homogeneously mixing in binding agents in an in-situ process.

Offering a working depth of up to 50 cm and tremendous area performance, the WIRTGEN stabilizers mill soil that lacks bearing capacity. While evenly mixing in pre-spread binding agents at the same time. Aiming to stabilize and improve the subgrade of roads, car parks, industrial facilities, airports, harbour facilities or track beds. For an extended lifespan.

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Binding agent spreaders from system partner Streumaster

Streumaster manufactures high-quality binder spreaders exclusively for WIRTGEN. These machines for pre-spreading lime and cement are an ideal completion of WIRTGEN’s program of soil stabilizers and cold recyclers.

The two family businesses have been cooperating closely for many years: Streumaster – headquartered in Egglkofen, a small town in southern Germany – has been building spreaders for use in agriculture and the construction industry since 1967 and produces a range of mature lime and cement spreaders on WIRTGENs behalf.

All Streumaster binding agent spreaders at a glance

WIRTGEN slipform pavers

WIRTGEN concrete slipform pavers place heavy-duty road pavements and other traffic areas, such as airport runways or taxiways. Additional fields of application include the continuous production of poured-in-place concrete profiles, such as water gutters, safety barriers or kerbs in road construction. Texture curing machines create the specified surface texture of the finished concrete slab.

Monolithic profiles in offset application

The smaller slipform paver models work in offset application, which permits the production of a nearly limitless variety of concrete profiles. The slipform can be mounted either on the left or on the right side of the machine to adapt to the specific paving situation, such as accommodation of traffic in the area of the construction site. Fitted with an intelligent quick-change system, the pavers are capable of completing various different jobs on a single day, which enhances both their flexibility and degree of utilization.

Paving high-quality concrete slabs

Concrete roads are extremely durable. Their tremendous compressive strength prevents the formation of wheel ruts even when used by a high percentage of heavy vehicle traffic. Such concrete pavements, which need to withstand exceptional loads each and every day, are paved and smoothed by the WIRTGEN slipform pavers at working widths of up to 16 m.

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WIRTGEN surface miners

WIRTGEN surface miners are primarily used for the selective mining of mineral deposits and pay minerals, from soft coal to hard limestone, in opencast operation. They cut, crush and load the material in a single working pass without the need for drilling and blasting, thus enabling the exploitation rates of mineral deposits to be increased significantly. Additional fields of application include routing operations in road construction or the lowering of tunnel floors.

Special machines with superior cutting technology

With the 2200 SM, 2500 SM and new 4200 SM, WIRTGEN offers its customers three tried and tested performance classes which can be equipped with a large variety of options and customized to specific project requirements. All models can be designed for loading the material into dump trucks or depositing it as a windrow behind the machine. Over two dozen drum designs with, for instance, different tool spacings are available for the machines as standard cutting drums while additional special designs are developed and built to meet specific application requirements.

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