Innovative solutions for paving asphalt and sub-base materials

Asphalt pavers have a long history, featuring technical and technological innovations which were greatly influenced by VÖGELE - from the first paver with hydraulic drive and ultramodern high compaction technology in screeds to a uniform, easy-to-learn concept for paver operation.

The pavers, screeds with many different compaction levels, mobile feeders and various special-purpose machines from world market leader VÖGELE make up a complete range of innovative machines for road construction. They are developed and built in a specialized factory in Ludwigshafen, the industry's largest worldwide. The name VÖGELE stands for top quality in all products and services.

VÖGELE road pavers

Vögele Super Series

Airports, multi-lane motorways, minor and municipal roads, cycle tracks and footpaths and high-durability rehabilitation: VÖGELE has the right road paver for all paving needs around the world – from the Mini Class to the Highway Class.

The Special Class includes special machines for special applications such as paving thin overlays with a spray paver or paving of compact asphalt pavements with the InLine Pave process.

More details about VÖGELE road pavers:

VÖGELE material feeders

VÖGELE Powerfeeder Series

The VÖGELE feeders in the PowerFeeder series ensure continuous and contact-free feeding of the road paver and cover a number of additional material feeding applications.

The use of a feeder is especially important on large-scale construction sites to guarantee high-quality and economical results.

All VÖGELE feeders at a glance

VÖGELE paving screeds

VÖGELE paving screeds

Paving screeds play a very important role in constructing even and therefore durable roads.

With their high-performance compacting systems, intelligent control and monitoring functions as well as a number of optional features, the VÖGELE paving screeds tick all the boxes, achieving high-quality paving results extremely efficiently.

All VÖGELE screeds at a glance:
Extending screeds
Fixed-Width Screeds