The right asphalt mixing plant for every kind of mix

Whether you're looking for a standard or a customized solution, BENNINGHOVEN asphalt mixing plants have a vast range of configuration options. We can supply the ideal plant to cater to the requirements of any market. Mobile or stationary and with capacities between 80 and 400 t/h – all BENNINGHOVEN plants have one thing in common: they are renowned for their optimum mix quality worldwide.

While mobile and semi-mobile plants are frequently used in regions with a less developed infrastructure, stationary high-performance plants are very much in demand in large conurbations. Whatever the requirements, BENNINGHOVEN offers you flexible solutions for a plant that is reliable and economical to use throughout its service life.

Stationary plants

Competence is the flagship of BENNINGHOVEN‘s product range, with a production rate of up to 450 t/h. Competence stands for superior asphalt processing in terms of quality, flexibility and the protection of the environment.

In the project planning stage, expandable modules are used and customized to cater to individual wishes.

Transportable plants

The BENNINGHOVEN asphalt mixing plant Concept Type TBA covers the production rates of 160, 240 and 320 t/h. Ideal for semi-mobile applications, this plant is also suitable for stationary operation.

Optimum conception of the plant allows for erection without much space needed. Mobile foundations are included in the delivery package. The complete production process i smonitored and controlled by a user-friendly and intuitive control system.

Transportable plants in container design

The BENNINGHOVEN asphalt mixing plant in container design ECO covers the production rates of 160, 240 and 320 t/h. Production in standardized ISO sizes allows for easy transport and reduced erection times.

The conceptual design of these plants adheres to BENNINGHOVEN‘s high standards of quality and features a high efficiency. A key aspect of ECO asphalt mixing plants is the design of their main components with ISO container dimensions and plug-in cabling.

Mobile plants

With its road-mobile Mix Mobile Type MBA plant, BENNINGHOVEN can offer an intelligent conceptual design for flexible and effective jobsite processing. The plant can be assembled in a matter of days to be ready for use at another location, eliminating prohibitive crane and transport costs.

The pipelines are pre-fabricated and can be reused at any time thanks to flexible connections. Available with capacities between 80 and 240 t/h, this concept permits customers to put their plant into operation autonomously, using their own operating personnel.