Toolholder systems

Longer life, less downtime

Two crucial aspects of precise and productive milling and cutting are absolute stability and wear resistance of the cutting tools. In the rugged WIRTGEN pick holder systems, the picks are firmly anchored and can be changed out easily and quickly right at the construction site.

Continuous advanced development of the toolholder systems is always based on the goal of enhancing the performance and economy of our machines and to offer our customers reliable solutions.

WIRTGEN toolholder systems

To minimize operating costs, damaged or worn picks and pick holders should be replaced. With WIRTGEN toolholder systems, picks and pick holders can be changed out quickly and easily, right at the construction site. Toolholder systems consist primarily of two parts: a receiver part (pick holder, bottom part), which is welded to the milling drum tube, and a pick holder (top part), which is attached to the receiver part by a screw connection that can be loosened quickly.

WIRTGEN HT08 pick holder system for small milling

Reinforced toolholder system for lower operating costs

View HT08 Pick Holder System
WIRTGEN quick-change toolholder systems

Damaged or worn picks and toolholders should be replaced in order to minimize operating costs. WIRTGEN quick-change toolholder systems allow picks and toolholders to be replaced quickly and easily right on the construction site. Quick-change toolholder systems primarily consist of two parts: a housing (bottom part of the toolholder system) welded to the milling drum tube, and a toolholder (upper part) connected to the housing via a quick-release bolted connection.

Quick-change toolholder system HT22 for cold milling

Longer life, less downtime

View HT22 Toolholder System for Cold Milling Machines
Quick-change toolholder system HT22 for cold recyclers and soil stabilizers

Longer life, less downtime

View HT22 Toolholder System for Cold Recyclers and Soil Stabilizers
Quick-change toolholder system HT15 for Surface Miners

Extremely tough pick holder

View HT15 Toolholder System
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