Cutting technology

Ideally tuned components for greater machine productivity

The goal of every construction measure is to achieve high-quality results.

This applies to road reconstruction in the use of cold milling and cold recyclers as well as in soil stabilization and in mining useful minerals with surface miners.

Optimal interplay between the drum, pick holder and pick is essential for precise, efficient pavement processing.

WIRTGEN is the market leader in cutting technology, and it offers customers ideally tuned, high-performance cutting systems. In addition, WIRTGEN is constantly developing its cutting technology further. It is informed, in particular, by experience in practice and feedback from our customers.

  • Maximum productivity
  • Precise results
  • Maximum life
  • Lower operating costs
  • Focus on advanced development
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Round shaft picks and cutting tools

During the milling process, round shaft picks and cutting tools break up the surface and granulate it into small pieces of reusable material.

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Toolholder systems

Two crucial aspects of precise and productive milling and cutting are absolute stability and wear resistance of the cutting tools. In the rugged WIRTGEN toolholder systems, the picks are firmly anchored.

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Milling and cutting drums

WIRTGEN offers an extensive selection of drums which enable our customers to perform many different applications in pavement work, in performing recycling jobs or in cutting processes for mining soft and hard rock.

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Parts catalog

Our Parts catalog offers you comprehensive information about our genuine WIRTGEN GROUP parts.

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WIRTGEN GROUP Hands-On Manuals

Our WIRTGEN GROUP hands-on manuals provide you with in-depth information and unique expert knowledge about the technologies used by our various product brands.

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