Quick-change toolholder system HT22 for cold recyclers and soil stabilizers

Longer life, less downtime

The HT22 toolholder system is primarily distinguished by its higher wear resistance. The system's exceptionally long service life results in a noticeable extension of the intervals between replacements in construction site use. It is also characterized by a prismatic layout of its mounting surface.

For the user, this means longer life of the pick and toolholder system. The resulting benefits – fewer pick changes, fewer downtime periods, extended maintenance intervals, and higher machine availability – enable economical stabilization of even the most difficult soils and efficient milling and recycling of severely damaged roadway pavement.

Highlights of the HT22 toolholder system

HT22 D22

HT22 D25


  • Maximum impact load, and in extreme cases also shear load, due to revised pick holder shaft geometry and optimized heat treatment.
  • Lower maintenance expenses, because the pressure screw of the HT22 toolholder system only needs to be tightened every 500 machine operating hours.
  • Better bottom part protection due to larger wear volume in the shoulder area of the top part of the pick for longer life of the individual bottom parts and of the entire milling drum.

Perfect Companions: WCC and HT22

The WCC milling tool also has a reliable HT22 interface. This guarantees the low-maintenance and reliable use of the tool. The large wear volume in the shoulder section of the WCC milling tool increases the service life of the HT22 toolholder. As a result, the combination of WCC and HT22 maximizes the carbide utilization of the holder and tool.

WCC Cutting Tools

Due to their shape and materials, WCC cutting tools are perfect for milling cohesive soils interspersed with large pieces of rock. They have a highly wear-resistant carbide cutting edge that is nearly unbreakable and therefore impact-resistant due to the enormous strength of the material.

DURAFORCE milling and mixing rotor

Challenging operating conditions such as the powerful cold recycling, granulation or stabilization of coarse-grained soils make extreme demands on the cutting tools. This calls for perfectly matched components designed to meet the highest performance requirements. They can be relied on to provide high milling and mixing performance while ensuring maximum resistance and durability at the same time.

The original WIRTGEN Duraforce milling and mixing rotor impresses with extreme wear resistance, impact strength and fracture strength for all applications in soil stabilization and cold recycling: a single rotor catering to all requirements.

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