Cold Milling Technology

Efficient removal and granulation of road surfaces

Cold milling machines are used to remove asphalt and concrete surfaces quickly and efficiently. In doing so, they create a level foundation with the specified width and depth that is required for paving new surface layers of uniform thickness. When pavements are milled in layers, the milled material can be separated and selectively recovered according to mix type.

Discover the operating principle and technical components of cold milling technology. Become familiar with the different types of cold milling machines and learn more about our front and rear loading systems.

Components of modern small milling machines

Small milling machines offer high mobility and flexibility. They are used for machining small surfaces and for precise milling in confined spaces and are equipped with a wheeled chassis. The milling drum is installed at the back of the machine.

Precise, intuitive leveling with LEVEL PRO PLUS
Efficient multifunctional armrest
Perfection in visibility, comfort and ergonomic design
Effective steering features
Dynamic and quick maneuvering
Quick pivoting of the right hand rear wheel
Superior cutting technology boosts performance
High loading capacity for maximum performance
High traction ensured by optimum weight distribution
Best-in-class productivity
Components of modern compact milling machines

The highly flexible compact milling machines combine the advantages of the small and large milling machine classes. The lightweight, maneuverable front loaders can be used in confined spaces and, thanks to their high level of performance, are suitable for a wide range of applications. They are equipped with a wheeled chassis or crawler units.

High precision, intuitive leveling with LEVEL PRO PLUS
Efficient multifunctional armrest
Unmatched visibility concept
Ergonomic design and comfort on the operator's platform
Quick pivoting of the right-hand rear wheel or track unit
Quick and precise maneuvring
High milling performance on every job
High performance and flexibility in material loading
High engine power for tremendous productivity
High traction and optimized weight
Components of modern large milling machines

Due to their high milling performance, large milling machines are particularly suitable for repair work on large areas. The front loaders are equipped with four hydraulically steerable and height-adjustable crawler units, with the milling drum positioned in the center beneath the machine.

Intuitive MMI - Man-Machine-Interface
Versatile, high-precision LEVEL PRO ACTIVE leveling system
High reliability
Environmentally sustainable machine technology
Fully equipped operator's platform
Unmatched cutting technology
Innovative MILL ASSIST
Reduced diesel consumption
Benefits of Cold Milling Technology

Cold milling is a globally recognized construction method and is unmatched from both an economic and environmental point of view. Thanks to its unique experience and expertise in milling technology, WIRTGEN is continuously expanding the range of applications for cold milling machines. As an innovation leader, WIRTGEN always delivers results for demanding applications and develops field-proven, productive solutions – often together with customers.

A Wide Range of Efficient Applications

A variety of milling drums – such as fine milling drums or ECO Cutters – make it possible to carry out a wide range of milling jobs in asphalt rehabilitation. In addition, specially configured cold milling machines can also be used in the field of concrete or rock milling. Examples of applications for rock milling machines include routing operations, lowering track beds, or lowering the bottom of tunnels. Other special machine modifications allow steep gradient milling up to a 35° bank sloping angle when working on dams, canals, and compensating reservoirs. Cold milling machines are also frequently used in the field of pipeline construction to dig trenches or mill grooves and slots. In short, the range of applications is immense.

Cold Milling Machines to Meet the Requirements of Every Market

Each market is unique and has its own specific needs. WIRTGEN offers a wide variety to meet these needs with customized solutions and products – its range of cold milling machines includes a large number of different models that perfectly meet the varying markets’ specific requirements. In this context, WIRTGEN’s high level of customer-oriented design expertise guarantees market-driven innovations.

For example, WIRTGEN implements cost-effective, industry-leading solutions based on different legal regulations with regard to road widths, maximum permissible transport weights, emission limits, and regional differences in climate and infrastructure.

In Japan, for example, road lanes often have to be milled out flush with the edges on both sides without the cold milling machine making any turns. The W 200 Hi accomplishes this thanks to its zero edge on both sides. In addition, the W 200 Hi is equipped with state-of-the-art engine technology to meet the strict US Tier 4f emissions standard applicable in Japan.

Environmentally Friendly Machine Technology

WIRTGEN plays an extremely active role in protecting the environment and conserving natural resources. The milled material is a valuable recycled construction material and is completely reused in the production of asphalt mixes. On large milling machines that feature the “Dual Engine Concept,” the second engine can be switched off depending on the operation in order to save diesel fuel and reduce emissions. And of course our fuel-saving diesel engines comply with the currently applicable international emission standards. The innovative MILL ASSIST machine control significantly reduces the operator’s workload while improving machine performance and considerably reducing diesel consumption, CO2 emissions, and noise.

During the milling process, fine material particles and water vapor are produced in the milling drum assembly. WIRTGEN offers an extraction system for road milling machines with a front loading system that significantly reduces the amount of airborne particles.

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