Permeable to Water and with an Anti-capillary Effect

Interview with Dr. Axel Mühlhausen HAMM Product Manager for Application Engineering

What do you see as the core issues in the construction of frost blankets?

"A frost blanket made from unbound mineral aggregate – usually in the form of graded aggregate with a low fines content – represents the first base course of the superstructure at the subgrade level. Once they have been fully compacted, frost blankets must be sufficiently permeable to water and have an anti-capillary effect. This prevents water from rising into the pavement, ultimately preventing damage to the superstructure. Clean processing of the aggregate plays a crucial role in ensuring that these ambitious goals are reliably met. KLEEMANN impact crushers such as the MOBIREX RM 130 ZS EVO do this job, just as required. A plant with an active double-deck pre-screen is ideal for reliably eliminating fines."

And how can the material be paved to ensure high quality?

"You can achieve top quality with a VÖGELE paver equipped with a Heavy Duty kit. These machines have reinforced return pulleys, guide plates, augers, conveyor tunnels etc. This equipment keeps them up and running for many operating hours, despite the high degree of mechanical stress.

During the subsequent compaction work, the area output, precise steering and naturally also the compaction power govern the quality and the cost-efficiency. Heavyweight HAMM compactors with smooth drums and pneumatic-tire rollers from HAMM deliver these qualities on the job site."

Which synergies can the customer harness in this context?

"Processing rock and stone is associated with a high degree of wear. For customers, having one contact for several machines is a huge advantage. It greatly simplifies the service as well as the ordering and supply of wearing parts."

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