Leveling technology

Highly precise results

WIRTGEN leveling technology controls height, depth, and slope for absolutely precise results. Here, the system continually compares the actual values with the preset target values and compensates for the deviations with proportional control.

Advanced machine technology ensures leveling results which are constantly good, and it relieves the tasks of the machine operator considerably.

WIRTGEN offers customers reliable hardware and software developed in-house. Different systems are used depending on the construction project to be completed and local conditions on site.

WIRTGEN offers customers reliable hardware and software it develops in-house. Different systems are used, depending on the type of construction and the local construction site conditions.

  • Precise results
  • Advanced machine technology
  • Systems developed in-house
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Sensors and probe components

Deviations from the target value are acquired by sensors and computed by the leveling system. An appropriate machine correction is then automatically routed.

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Leveling systems

Leveling systems perform fully automatic height and slope control. They evaluate reports from sensors, compute deviations from target values, and automatically convert this information into height and slope corrections for the machine.

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Leveling in road reconstruction and recovery of raw materials

When removing pavement in cold milling, cold recycling, and surface mining, it is crucial to remove surfaces at the prescribed depth.

Application examples

  • Removing defined layer thicknesses (e.g., removing surface layer and binder layer)
  • Complete removal of roadways
  • Corrective milling jobs with more stringent requirements for flatness (e.g., fine milling before installing thin layer)
  • Removing asphalt with a defined lateral slope (e.g., fine milling of a roadway for optimal water drainage)
  • Producing precisely level surfaces (e.g., hall floor reconstruction or tunnel construction)
  • Routing jobs to prepare the ground for road installation

Leveling in concrete installation

When installing concrete, precise height and lateral slope control are important parameters in creating concrete profiles that reflect plans precisely.

Application examples

  • Producing monolithic profiles such as road guard walls, curb profiles, and drainage channel profiles
  • Producing roadways such as bicycle and agricultural trails
  • Producing slab track in railroad track and tunnel construction

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