Intuitive controls

Multifunctional solutions

Intuitive operating concepts enhance the convenience and therefore the productivity of human and machine. Requirements for simplicity, clear understanding, convenience, and efficiency are therefore playing an increasingly greater role in product development. WIRTGEN offers its customers mature operating concepts, which enable the machine user to operate the machine intuitively after just a brief training period.

Multifunctional armrest for small and compact milling

In small and compact milling, all of the relevant controls for the highly automated work process are housed in the multifunctional armrest.

The multifunctional, individually adjustable armrest combines innovative design and ideal user friendliness. Important information is shown in color on the user display. The multifunctional armrest is also precisely integrated into the universal operating concept for the entire WIRTGEN small milling fleet, and it enables productive working from the outset.

Multifunctional control display for large milling

The multifunctional control display for large milling shows job data, operating states, and maintenance diagnostics in a clearly organized layout. User-friendly diagnostic options with illustrative graphics make it easy for users to understand diagnostics. Another function is thorough event reporting of the work process. In addition, after manually inputting the material density and milling width, the control unit automatically shows such parameters as weight and volume of the mined material as well as milled surfaces and the number of trucks loaded. Based on this job data, it is easy to log daily performance.

The control unit display can be switched over to camera mode to monitor important work processes. If the customer wishes, two or six camera images can be shown on a high-resolution, color display. When six cameras are used, another camera display is installed to simultaneously display two different camera images.

Intuitive HMI – Human-Machine Interface

The F series large milling machines come with an additional 10” control panel in addition to the control display. A two-camera, four-camera, or eight-camera system can be selected at the customer’s request. In the two-camera system, the camera images are displayed on the 7” control panel on the operator’s platform. The four-camera and eight-camera systems also come with a 10” control panel that can display several camera images simultaneously via split screen. The heavy-duty camera/monitor systems provide the operator a clear view of important working areas, such as where the material is loaded onto trucks or the milled surface behind the scraper.

Multifunction joystick and multifunctional control display for cold recyclers and soil stabilizers

Ergonomically designed controls are integrated in the two armrest consoles of the cold recyclers and soil stabilizers – their easy-to-reach layout enables intuitive operation. All important machine functions are logically integrated into the multifunctional joystick of the right armrest console, and they are easy to execute.

The multifunctional control display shows operating states and maintenance data in a clearly organized layout. The menus are set up logically and clearly to permit quick retrieval of individual pages.

Flexible control panel and multifunctional display for slipform pavers

Everything is organized clearly and ergonomically at the operator's stand on the slipform paver. The advanced graphic display is positioned at the middle of the control panel. The multifunctional display shows event-driven information for all key operating data. The paver is easy to operate via the display – the work is simplified by unique symbols that are independent of the local language. The control panel can be placed on the right or left side, and this assures an ideal view of the entire installation process at all times.

Multifunctional joysticks and operating display for surface miners

The ergonomically designed controls were integrated into the armrests. All key machine functions are logically integrated into the multifunctional joystick.

Ease of operation, ergonomic design and operator comfort are key efficiency drivers. Taken together, they translate into greater productivity and profitability in every job.

LEVEL PRO PLUS leveling system

The LEVEL PRO PLUS leveling system, which has proven its worth in both road construction and mining operations, offers easy, intuitive operation. Sensors installed at the side plates and an additional slope sensor can be used to produce a precisely defined horizontal or inclined surface. The machine is pre-fitted for GPS or laser-based control or for leveling by means of Multiplex ultrasonic sensors.