Cold milling machines

Intelligent assistance systems for cold milling

Computer-assisted automatic functions not only optimize work processes and thus machine productivity, but also the machine operator’s performance. Our numerous intelligent information and diagnostic systems additionally support the operator and make their job easier – resulting in faster and more efficient operations. A few examples of assistance systems for cold milling are presented below.

Innovative MILL ASSIST

The innovative MILL ASSIST machine control system always adjusts the most favorable relationship between performance and cost when operating in automatic mode. The process is optimized by automatically adjusting the speed of the diesel engine and milling drum, the traction drive, the water system and the machine’s advance rate. This relieves the machine operator of a tremendous part of his workload while at the same time improving machine performance and minimizing diesel consumption, CO2 emissions, pick consumption and noise emissions.

New Dual Shift powershift transmission

The new DUAL SHIFT two-speed transmission is controlled via the MILL ASSIST feature and can be shifted even under load. DUAL SHIFT offers a tremendous milling drum speed range, making the machine the ideal candidate for a wide range of milling applications at low cost. Low milling drum speeds result in reduced diesel consumption. High milling drum speeds allow maximum advance rates, for example, in fine milling operations.

Additional pre-selection of the operating strategy in automatic mode

The operator can additionally pre-select one of three operating strategies for each milling job: cost-optimized, performance-optimized, or quality of the milling pattern. The machine then automatically controls the main parameter settings in accordance with the strategy chosen.

Clear pre-Selection of consistent quality of the milling pattern

The specified quality of the milled surface can be preset by simple pre-selection from a scale ranging from 1 to 10. The milling drum speed and milling rate are then adjusted automatically taking into account the type of milling drum used.

Innovative efficiency display

The machine operator is continuously provided with information on the job status by means of an efficiency display. Possibilities to optimize the milling parameter settings are additionally displayed on the control panel.

WIDRIVE control concept for cold milling

In WIRTGEN cold milling, the operator is supported by integration of the WIDRIVE control concept into machines which was developed in-house. WIDRIVE acts as the central switching station for the machine. Key functions such as the diesel engine, driving and milling drum drive, belt drive, water spray unit, height adjustment, steering, leveling, and milling assembly, are centrally interlinked and automatically controlled. Simultaneously, the control unit fully exploits cold milling's great potential with regard to its environmentally-relevant aspects, high cutting performance, and low operating costs.

  • Technology for people: It not only offers relief to machine operators, but also strongly motivates them in their work with its convenient control and advanced, practice-oriented cold milling features. The operator can then concentrate fully on the milling process.
  • Favorable lifecycle analysis: Optimized motor control reduces environmental stress by exhaust emissions. At the same time, noise emissions are much lower.
  • Lower operating costs: Along with increasing milling performance by faster operator procedures, diesel consumption is reduced, above all, by situation-dependent speed control, and water consumption is reduced by automatic turn-on and shut-off.
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Information and diagnostic system

The information and diagnostic system gives the machine operator a way to quickly and comprehensively check the current operating data. Automatic machine self-diagnostics independently monitors the diesel engine as well as the hydraulic and electrical components.

They include:

  • Momentary engine status (rpm, temperatures, filter states)
  • Momentary state of hydraulic system (valve position, pressures, filter states, temperatures)
  • Momentary status of the electrical system (switch states, wiring and sensor functions)
  • Maintenance intervals

Faulty functions are shown; at the same time, an interactive troubleshooting function is initiated.

Job data capture

On our advanced cold milling machines, a wide variety of performance data can be displayed by intelligent linking of machine control and the leveling system. In job data capture, for instance, it is possible to have the daily output calculated and displayed (in m³ or t).

Details of key job data:

  • Display of truck load quantity for optimal truck loading
  • Display of number of loaded trucks over one day or production
  • Display of total weight of milled material over one production day or over the entire machine life
  • Display of milled surface area over one production day or over entire machine life
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WPT – WIRTGEN Performance Tracker

The WPT – WIRTGEN PERFORMANCE TRACKER uses a laser scanner to measure the cross-sectional profile to be milled. Surface milling performance and milling volume are then precisely measured using GPS positioning and other sensors. The machine operator can continuously track the most important information in real time on the control panel’s display. After completion of a job, a report with all of the relevant performance and consumption data is automatically generated and sent to the machine owner.

The WPT perfectly complements the WITOS FleetView telematics system, and together they take the flow of information between the individuals and components involved to a new level.

WPT Availability as an Add-On Kit

Large milling machines already in operation can be retrofitted with the WPT at any time. Thanks to intelligent hardware and software solutions, it is possible to retrofit these machines within a single day.

The WPT is only available for milling drum units with milling widths of 6 ft 7 in (2,000 mm) and 7 ft 3 in (2,200 mm), with the milling width of 8 ft 2 in (2,500 mm) available on request. Furthermore, we recommend consulting the respective WIRTGEN GROUP sales and service company regarding the use or retrofitting of the WPT.