Less is more: VÖGELE EcoPlus reduces emissions

The philosophy behind the machine concept of the Premium Line road pavers is "Lower consumption – lower emissions – lower costs". The VÖGELE EcoPlus low-emissions package combines a number of individual measures to reduce the fuel consumption and noise levels to a significant extent. For VÖGELE green is more than just a color. This is clearly proven by the eco-friendly technical innovations that make VÖGELE EcoPlus so unique.

Lower consumption – Less CO₂

Fuel savings of up to 25 % can be achieved with VÖGELE EcoPlus, depending on the application and capacity utilization of the paver. That doesn’t just result in considerable savings for the contractor – it's good news for the environment, too. That’s because every liter of fuel saved reduces carbon dioxide (CO₂) emissions.

The technical innovations

Controlled hydraulic oil temperature circuit
Switchable splitter gearbox
Variable-speed fan