Easy Drive – four machine series, one operating concept

Modern construction machines feature a number of functions and are designed for optimum efficiency. Even more essential for success is simple, intuitive operation – this guarantees short training times and incredibly high productivity in every construction project. With Easy Drive, HAMM has therefore developed a standardized operating concept for tandem rollers (HD+ and HX series), soil compactors (HC series) and pneumatic tire rollers (HP series – Tier 4) that reduces complexity to a minimum and enables operators to react quickly and correctly in no time at all.

The Easy Drive operating concept at a glance:

Easy Drive is essentially made up of three operating units – the dashboard with display, the joystick and a multifunction armrest. Apart from a few machine-specific functions, these are designed to be practically identical and language-neutral. This means that all machines in which Easy Drive is installed use the same colors on buttons and operating elements to indicate that they belong to the same functional group. Operating elements for identical functions are also always positioned in the same place in the driver's platform. The steering is controlled using a steering wheel, but all other functions are controlled using the joystick or multifunction armrest. Alongside its clear, intuitive, easy to learn operating concept, Easy Drive comprises a range of features that improve ergonomic, safety-related and service-related characteristics.

Intuitive and clear

Easy Drive simplifies and standardizes the operating process for soil compactors, tandem rollers and pneumatic tire rollers.

The advantages during operation:

  • Clearly arranged function keys
  • Standardized arrangement of operating units
  • No two keys have the same function
  • Identical symbols and look across multiple machine series
  • Prevents operating errors as operating units and keys are always in the same place
  • Standardized operation across multiple machine series
  • Minimal training and learning time required
  • Drivers' work is made easier thanks to intuitive operation
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Easy Drive and ergonomics:

  • Healthy seat position thanks to height, weight and backrest adjustment
  • Adjustable armrests (height, swiveling, comfortable when entering and leaving)
  • Mechanical seat rotation and positioning (HX, HD+, HC, HP series – Tier 4), electric seat rotation and positioning (DV+ series)
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Easy Drive and safety:

  • Machine functions only active when armrest is folded down
  • Pre-selection button for presetting the most important machine functions – prevents operating errors
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Easy Drive and service:

  • Simple error diagnostics and parameterization thanks to WIDIAG interface in the armrest (WIDIAG is the Wirtgen Group service diagnostics system)
  • Error codes and messages mean the same thing across all Easy Drive machines
  • Retrofitting: "Plug & Play" function and activation of all additional components via WIDIAG
  • No need to replace the wiring harness to the operating unit (CANBUS)
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