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Our extensive product range is divided into two lines: the Classic Line and the Premium Line. The Classic Line is for pavers equipped with the particularly easy-to-use ErgoBasic operating concept. The Premium Line comprises all pavers that feature cutting-edge technology and advanced mechanical engineering. Premium Line products are all equipped with the ErgoPlus 3 operating concept. The two product lines are divided into up to five different classes:

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Mini Class

Small and efficient: the Mini Class encompasses VÖGELE’s small pavers, which are designed both for repair work and for the construction of cycle paths, footpaths and farm tracks, minor roads, car parks and sports grounds. They fill trenches, pave surfaces in halls or underground car parks and can be used in landscaping projects.

Universal Class

Versatile and powerful: the extremely wide range of applications is the most striking feature of pavers in the Universal Class. They handle motorway projects just as well as roundabouts, also because they can be combined with VÖGELE high-compaction technology.

SUPER 1400i Classic Line
SUPER 1400i

Classic Line

Nominal output 110 kW
Basic width 2.55 m
Pave width, max.
7.5 m
Maximum laydown rate 600 t/h
SUPER 1900-3 G-Tier
SUPER 1900-3


Nominal output 145 kW
Basic width 3 m
Pave width, max. 10 m
Maximum laydown rate 1,000 t/h
SUPER 1900-3 P-Tier
SUPER 1900-3


Nominal output 145 kW
Basic width 3 m
Pave width, max. 10 m
Maximum laydown rate 1,000 t/h

Highway Class

Far and wide: the VÖGELE pavers of the Highway Class are perfectly at home on motorways and handling other demanding large-scale projects. Immense pave widths and laydown rates, the possibility of using high compaction technology and plenty of power are all part of the package with these pavers.

Special Class

That special something: the Special Class comprises machines for specific applications, such as a spray paver for paving thin overlay "hot on hot" or InLine Pave machine technology for the construction of compact asphalt pavements. This also includes material feeders for the uninterrupted and non-contacting transfer of mix.

SUPER 1800-3i SprayJet Premium Line
SUPER 1800-3i SprayJet

Premium Line

Nominal output 129 kW
Basic width 2.55 m
Pave width, max. 6 m
Maximum laydown rate 700 t/h
SUPER 2100-3i IP Premium Line
SUPER 2100-3i IP

Premium Line

Nominal output 186 kW
Basic width 2.98 m
Pave width, max. 8.5 m
Maximum laydown rate 1,100 t/h

VÖGELE Pave Width Configurator

This interactive application shows you how to build up your paver’s auger and screed in an optimal way. Based on the pave width required for your project, we guide you step by step through the process of finding your optimal auger and screed configuration.

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