Environmentally sound solutions

Environmentally-compatible solutions for reducing noise and dust

There are more and more demands for a reduction in dust and noise not only in urban areas but also in quarries.

Local authorities are imposing increasingly stricter requirements in terms of adhering to thresholds. Regionally very different regulations prescribe how loud construction sites are permitted to be in city areas or how much dust may be emitted. This is intended to protect the affected population and the environment as well as the workers on-site.

Solutions for effective noise reduction

Aside from the crushing process, the main cause of noise from mobile crushing plants is the power pack. The major cause of noise emissions is air flow, the radiator and also air turbulence in the area of the exposed floor of the power pack.

Reduction of the minimum distance to the machine without ear defenders by up to 60% (at 1800 rpm)

A package option provides help here: It consists of ergonomic noise protection flaps that are mounted at engine height, which deflect the sound upwards. The flaps are folded into the plant for transport and therefore have no influence on the transport width. In addition, the exposed floor of the power pack is sealed.

Result: Reduction in noise by 6 decibels (3 decibels already amount to halving of the noise perceptible by the human ear)

Solutions for effective dust containment

A relatively high build-up of dust is caused during recycling and also natural stone recycling on account of the process. The main cause of dust emissions here are the material discharge and material transfer positions as well as the crusher unit itself.

Water jets at strategically important points, such as the crusher inlet, crusher discharge conveyor, side discharge conveyor and also the secondary screening unit, are the solution. The majority of the dust is bound together in the process, preventing it from spreading.

Result: reduction in dust volume by up to 50% (depending on the material)