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Retrofit Whether a Benninghoven or third-party plant, with a BENNINGHOVEN Retrofit you can remain or get back to state of the art.


A Retrofit can be a more practical solution for an existing plant than replacing it with a new one. By swapping out outdated components and integrating the very latest advances in technology, existing plants can be brought in line with the latest industry standards. For the owner, the advantage lies in the modernisation of the plant and the associated increase in productivity with significantly lower costs compared to purchasing a similar new plant.

  • Modern technology
  • User-friendly
  • For own and third-party plants
  • Economical – lower investment costs compared to new purchase
  • Making and keeping customer plants competitive
  • Protecting existing locations
  • Concept planning and customised solutions
  • Engineering
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Retrofit -Solutions and how they add value
Dryer drum
Bitumen tanks
Loading silos
Control systems
Feed systems
Environmentally friendly
Technology expansion
Service life
Energy efficiency
Product quality
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All details, illustrations and texts are non-binding and may include special equipment. We reserve the right to make technical changes without prior notice. Performance data are dependent upon the actual plant configuration and individual, site-related conditions that influence the processing technology.