Screed production technology

VÖGELE screeds feature leading-edge technology made possible by state-of-the-art production processes. The first of these processes, the precision cutting to shape of extremely wear-resistant sheet steel, takes place on laser cutting stations. Robots which operate continuously to a consistently high standard ensure long-lasting, stable welds.

Hardened for intensive material contact

Screeds are a key factor in the surface quality and evenness of asphalt layers. At VÖGELE, they are made of wear-resistant Hardox steel. The compacting systems (tamper and pressure bars), too, are ready for harsh operating conditions. As the whole of the heat treatment process is key for their quality and service life, the technology leader puts its faith in induction hardening. This is a process which reduces wear and guarantees longevity by means of greater effective hardening depth and maximum evenness.

Comprehensive quality control

Once the screed and its electrical and hydraulic components have been assembled, all the functions are checked. This check comprises several hundred items including settings, filling levels and pressure tests. All the measured values are documented in a Final Inspection Record. Any discrepancies are remedied immediately by experienced VÖGELE experts.