The WIRTGEN GROUP wants you!

Vocational training with a strong team

The perfect way to launch your career

Vocational training is a top priority at our group of companies:
The WIRTGEN GROUP has over 380 trainees at its German brand headquarters alone, and more than one third of the total workforce was trained in-house in accredited vocational training programs.

In this context, our philosophy is to train the employees of tomorrow within their own company – this is a worthwhile investment in a secure future for both sides, as the steady growth of the group has so far allowed the companies to hire nearly all of the trainees for a permanent position after completing their training.


  • Our technologies and machines excite you
  • You can complete the tasks assigned to you reliably, carefully and diligently
  • You enjoy learning new things and can stand up for yourself and your work
  • You are or want to become a team player


  • Exciting practical projects: You’ll build models of our machines as part of multi-professional teams or put your own ideas into practice; for example, an electric scooter designed by our trainees entered mass production.
  • In-house training seminars to deepen your knowledge of the subject matter
  • Participation in international corporate events as well as training and construction trade fairs
  • Modern training workshops and workstations
  • WIRTGEN GROUP Trainee Technology Days where trainees from all of the brand headquarters work together to complete a real road construction project on their own.
More information

Our WIRTGEN GROUP vocational training brochure contains everything you need to know.

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The perfect way to launch your career

Through assignments in the departments, in-house classroom instruction and interdisciplinary projects, you’ll learn more during your vocational training program than just the specialised knowledge you’ll need for your future career.

A training program that you’ll enjoy

Providing our trainees in-depth guidance and support is extremely important to us, and that is why all of our trainers work as full-time instructors. In addition to teaching you specialised knowledge, we also strive to help you develop your personal and social skills. After all, we’re looking for real team players who are willing to assume responsibility – employees we can rely on.

Impressions of our Azubi TechDays

Once a year, the vocational trainees from all of our brand headquarters get together to carry out a construction project on their own using WIRTGEN GROUP machines. Check out some insights of the event here.

What about after completing the training program?

We can offer nearly all of our trainees a full-time position with us after successfully completing their vocational training. This means that a wide range of career opportunities at our company are open to you – it’s no coincidence that many of our managers are former trainees themselves. If a position in Germany isn’t enough for you, you can also advance your career with the WIRTGEN GROUP abroad.

Not a secondary school student?

Are you an experienced professional or university student interested in a career with one of the WIRTGEN GROUP companies? Learn more about your career opportunities with us here.

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