New Vögele Mini Pavers

New Vögele MINI Pavers

Vögele is launching four MINI pavers, two of them electric: the MINI 500 and MINI 500e tracked pavers and the MINI 502 and MINI 502e wheeled pavers

Compact dimensions and a variable pave width The new Vögele MINI pavers are suitable for machine-paving small-scale projects, especially those in which paving crews have hitherto been unable to use machines. Both tracked (MINI 500 and MINI 500e) and wheeled (MINI 502 and MINI 502e) versions of the machine are available. All four of the new pavers manage the construction and repair of cycle paths, footpaths and drains, paving between rail tracks and town centre repairs. The E-Power pavers, the MINI 500e and MINI 502e, work on a battery-electric basis and thus produce no local emissions or noise.

Highlights of the new Vögele MINI pavers

New Vögele Mini Pavers

Four new MINI pavers and a new extending screed from Vögele

The new MINI pavers extend the Vögele product range and complement the smaller machines: Vögele introduced the MINI 500, MINI 500e, MINI 502 and MINI 502e at Bauma 2022. These pavers excel wherever small-scale construction projects and tasks covering a small area need completing - operations in which paving crews would hitherto not have been able to use machines. Due among other things to the fact that manual labour is now superfluous, the new MINI pavers increase the efficiency and quality of asphalt paving – most particularly in the construction of footpaths and drains, as well as in town centre locations.

Pave widths achieved by the Vögele AB 135 Extending Screed, likewise new, range from 0.25 m to 1.8 m, with cut-off shoes/bolt-on extensions available as necessary. The basic width of the AB 135 is 0.8 m. Without bolt-on extensions, it is infinitely adjustable from 0.8 to 1.35 m.

Marcio Cavalcanti Happle, Head of Sales, Local Marketing and Product/Customer Support at Vögele

“The need for flexible, sustainable solutions for small jobsites is considerable. The new MINI pavers enable customers to complete a wide range of tasks quickly, cheaply and sustainably.”

Marcio Cavalcanti Happle, Head of Sales, Local Marketing and Product/Customer Support at Vögele

MINI 500e and MINI 502e with E-Power drive

Two of the MINI paver models are fitted with the battery-electric E-Power drive. These pavers run locally without emissions and with particularly low noise. This makes them ideal for critical deployment - in historical town centres, for example.

E-Power pavers also allow contractors to submit tenders for building projects with strict emissions specifications. This is becoming the case in more and more markets and in more and more construction projects. In combination with the Hamm CompactLine tandem rollers, likewise battery-electric, the MINI 500e and the MINI 502e form a sustainable production system.

New Vögele Mini Pavers

Vögele E-Power

The MINI 502e with wheeled undercarriage and the MINI 500e with crawler tracks are fitted with a battery-electric drive with a capacity of 22.8 kW. This facilitates up to 16 hours’ paving and is charged at conventional power sockets in eight hours.

Work in tiny spaces, easy to transport

Both the wheeled and the tracked pavers in Vögele’s new MINI Class have a very small turning circle, enabling them to get into virtually any corner and as a result, to be used more or less anywhere. They have an extremely compact design to achieve this, which simultaneously makes it really easy to get them to the job site: transport dimensions are just 2,670 x 870 x 1,585 mm, and they weigh 1,000 kg to 1,500 kg (depending on model).

New Vögele Mini Pavers

Specialists for small-scale construction projects

The Vögele MINI pavers – here we see the versions with a diesel engine and a wheeled undercarriage (MINI 502) and crawler tracks (MINI 500) – are ideal for building and repairing small, town-centre areas which often feature cramped conditions.

New MINI pavers are the result of a cooperation

The road pavers were developed in cooperation with C. M. S.r.l., an Italian company with over 40 years’ experience in the manufacture of road construction machinery, and are manufactured on Vögele’s behalf. “We are delighted with our cooperation with the leading manufacturer of road pavers. The collaboration with Vögele also demonstrates confidence in our expertise”, says Gaetano Castiglione, CEO at C. M. S.r.l.

“The new MINI pavers expand Vögele’s product portfolio. And with the battery-electric models, we are supporting the Wirtgen Group’s sustainability objectives as well as those of our customers, of course. Vögele is pursuing ambitious goals to expand the availability of electrified products by 2026. The cooperation with C. M. S.r.l. enables us to take a great leap forward on our sustainability trajectory”, says Domenic Ruccolo, CSO Wirtgen Group and Senior Vice President, Sales, Marketing, and Product Support, Global Construction Equipment, John Deere (until January 2023).

Vögele Sustainability

Vögele Sustainability is our name for innovative technologies and solutions which contribute to the sustainability objectives of the Wirtgen Group - such as the battery-electric driven MINI pavers (MINI 500e and MINI 502e).

For more about this, go to Sustainability

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