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Our user magazine reports on exciting technologies and innovations, on information from the world of application technology, and on exciting job sites from all over the world – and doing so for all of the WIRTGEN GROUP’s five product brands. Reports and technology articles by WIRTGEN, VÖGELE, HAMM, KLEEMANN, and BENNINGHOVEN are produced by our extremely passionate and professional editorial teams.

RoadNews Edition No. 08

This issue focuses on "Bauma 2019 innovations are getting to work – Intelligent technology, successful operations". Topics: WIRTGEN W 210 Fi large milling machine in action in northern Italy, digital construction project with WITOS Paving Plus from VÖGELE, live compaction tracking with WITOS HCQ from HAMM, Line coupling of KLEEMANN crushing and screening plants, BENNINGHOVEN TBA sphalt mixing plant supllies asphalt for Moscow.

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All issues of RoadNews at a glance. A brief summary of contents will help you find interesting reports published in past issues.

RoadNews 07

Smart technologies is the watchword. For instance, WIRTGEN’s new generation of large milling machines can boost the efficiency and quality of milling work and document daily milling output including consumption data and a site plan by means of Connected Milling. As of now, KLEEMANN crushing and screening plants can be equipped with the WITOS FleetView telematics solution.

Composing RoadNews 06
RoadNews 06

The top feature of this edition of RoadNews describes WITOS FleetView: How a medium-sized enterprise is harnessing all the advantages of the WIRTGEN GROUP telematics solution.

Composing RoadNews 05
RoadNews 05

The top feature of this edition of RoadNews covers the important topics of the future as automation and process optimization in road construction and processing technology.

Composing RoadNews 04
RoadNews 04

The top feature of this edition of RoadNews covers construction and pavement rehabilitation projects on international airport runways. We are proud of the fact that technologies from the entire WIRTGEN GROUP so frequently play a prominent role in airport construction and runway rehabilitation projects all over the world.

Composing RoadNews 03
RoadNews 03

This issue of RoadNews investigates a key question: how have the innovations we unveiled at Bauma 2016 been measuring up in practice? To answer this, we followed up the first projects tackled by our latest generation of plants and machinery, spoke to users and documented the result.

Composing RoadNews 02
RoadNews 02

The world of road construction never ceases to impress. Edition 2 of RoadNews informs readers about the construction of the new Formula 1 track in Azerbaijan's capital, Baku, and on technologies for the milling and recycling of asphalt roads. But machine technology from WIRTGEN GROUP machines are not only used for conventional road construction. The user magazine reports on special applications such as the paving of coloured asphalt in the landscaping sector, the filling of cavities between motorway safety barriers and the paving of a dragstrip designed for top speeds of over 500km/h in Norway.

Composing RoadNews 01
Road News 01

This edition focuses on Bauma 2016 in Munich, Germany. And how could it be otherwise? The WIRTGEN GROUP once more presented a host of attractive novelties and pioneering technologies at the world’s biggest trade fair. This edition of RoadNews provides an overview of the latest innovations.


The WIRTGEN GROUP User Magazine for China

From now on, we will be informing and inspiring you with our RoadNews user magazine. Along with articles from China, job reports from all around the world will show you just what our machines are capable of. In technology articles, we present innovations which are making construction companies more productive and cost-effective.

RoadNews China Edition No. 05

Top Feature

  • High-tech in Inner Mongolia: WIRTGEN W 205 large milling machine, VÖGELE SUPER 1800-3 SprayJet paver and HAMM HD O128V
  • WIRTGEN GROUP: Advanced machine technology in action in Chifeng
  • WIRTGEN: Cold recycling on a country road with the WR 250
  • VÖGELE: Success in road construction with Mini and Universal Class pavers
  • HAMM: Rehabilitation of a country road in Nanjing, Jiangsu and HP series pneumatic-tyre rollers
  • KLEEMANN: Top plant performance for Beijing 2022 and Optional packages for reducing noise and dust emissions

RoadNews China Archives

All issues of RoadNews China at a glance. A brief summary of contents will help you find interesting reports published in past issues.

Composing RoadNews 04
RoadNews China 04

Top Feature

Bauma China 2018 innovations: These highlights are moving the most dynamic country in the world

WIRTGEN: New DURAFORCE milling and mixing rotor for cold recycling and soil stabilization

VÖGELE: New SUPER 1600 L for China, new Big MultiPlex Ski sensor system and Compact Class SUPER 1100-3 and 1103-3 pavers

HAMM: From China, for China – new HD 30 and HD 35 Compact Line tandem rollers

KLEEMANN: MC 120 Z PRO jaw crusher in the new PRO Line achieves a new level of performance

Composing RoadNews 03
RoadNews China 03

Top Feature

WIRTGEN GROUP: Pavement rehabilitation in high-speed mode: WIRTGEN GROUP machines rehabilitate the road to the Jinci temple complex in just two weeks

WIRTGEN: The power of WIRTGEN, tailored to the Asian market: The new W 195 and W 205 cold milling machines supplement the successful W 215

VÖGELE: High-precision paving – and user-friendly equipment: The latest generation of VÖGELE sensors for grade and slope control

Composing RoadNews 02
RoadNews China 02

Top Feature

New link between Hong Kong, Zhuhai and Macau: HAMM rollers work on the longest sea bridge in the world.

WIRTGEN: Resource-saving road rehabilitation thanks to cold recycling with foamed bitumen – a WIRTGEN technology

VÖGELE: Niveltronic Plus: Precision is child’s play with VÖGELE’s fully integrated System for Automated Grade and Slope Control

KLEEMANN: The impressive retrofit solution. Lock & Turn: Intelligent safety system from KLEEMANN for their MOBIREX EVO2 impact crusher.

BENNINGHOVEN: MBRG 2000: Turning old asphalt into new raw materials with the BENNINGHOVEN granulator

Composing RoadNews 01
Road News China 01

Top Feature

Bauma China 2016 innovations: WIRTGEN GROUP demonstrate their high level of performance.

WIRTGEN: New large milling machine W 215, leading cold recycling and soil stabilizing technology, innovative slipform paver.

VÖGELE: New Universal Class SUPER 1880 L and SUPER 1880-3 L pavers, SUPER 1800-3 SprayJet spray and standard paver and SUPER 700-3 Mini Class paver.

HAMM: 3625 HT VC compactor with VC crusher drum.

KLEEMANN: New MS 953 EVO classifying screening plant.

BENNINGHOVEN: EVO JET – the burner technology for asphalt mixing plants from the market leader – and the granulator MBRG 2000 for asphalt recycling.