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The paver sets the pace of any road construction project. The best roads in the world can only be constructed when this machine functions smoothly, delivers high quality and can be operated intuitively. At VÖGELE, these are our objectives. With a highly motivated team. With a corporate philosophy that puts everything second to the success of our customers. And not least with an enormous product range of state-of-the-art pavers, screeds and material feeders. The range covers Mini Class pavers to Highway Class machines and a pave width from 25 cm to 18 m. As this diversity impressively demonstrates, we don’t simply manufacture products; we also provide solutions to give customers the edge in a tough competitive environment and to promote their success.

From blacksmith in Mannheim to world market leader in road pavers

With a tradition going back over 180 years, JOSEPH VÖGELE AG is one of Germany’s oldest industrial companies still in operation and from the very beginning, has been closely linked to the Rhine/Neckar conurbation. Founded in Mannheim by Ulrich Joseph Vögele in 1836, VÖGELE initially produced track for the up-and-coming railway industry. The company’s first dealings in road construction were in 1925 and reached an initial high point after four years: in 1929, VÖGELE presented the world’s first road paver, the so-called towed spreader. This new technology caught on internationally, too. It marked VÖGELE’s entry into an industry which was to have a significant impact on the company – a success story which is still in progress today. When VÖGELE moved to neighbouring Ludwigshafen in 2010, quadrupling its production capacity, the company had long been world market leader.

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We develop the world’s leading paving technology

Today, VÖGELE is still a company driven by the best solution, which explains the large number of innovations which set the standard for road pavers and help new processes break through. This is no coincidence, there are good reasons for it: the world of VÖGELE is a World of Quality – with no compromises. Through our integration in the WIRTGEN GROUP, we are also increasingly a process-oriented supplier: using our products and services, customers can cost-effectively cover the entire road construction process chain. Should an issue arise, they can also rely on an efficient, global service network, including maximum part availability and on-site support.

VÖGELE’s headquarters in Ludwigshafen, Germany

One important reason for the great reliability of our products is that they are developed and manufactured at our headquarters in Ludwigshafen, the most modern road paver production facility in the world. This is where we lay the foundation for the extraordinarily high quality standards that are the hallmark of VÖGELE technology. Operating from this “home of innovation”, we earn the confidence and esteem of road construction businesses, paving teams and equipment leasing companies all over the world. At the same time, we have the flexibility required to respond to regional market demands, for example with special machines for North America or a production site in China for the market there.

VÖGELE factory
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Maximum efficiency: VÖGELE technology means success

VÖGELE pavers and material feeders set standards in efficiency. This is due to the efficient use of fuel, great ease of maintenance, reasonable operating costs and outstanding value retention. So what does all this mean for the bottom line? VÖGELE is a benchmark in the critical "total cost of ownership" discipline and this is the reward for the effort our engineers put into developing premium quality machines which pay their way metre for metre, not least because they are leaders in productivity and paving quality. The incredible smoothness and perfect surface structure of roads built with our technologies is a revelation, especially as experienced at the wheel.

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Leaders in technology and quality

Our products are usually among the machines used on international large-scale jobs which impose high demands on asphalt pavements. VÖGELE builds race tracks in Formula 1 quality, paves perfectly smooth runways at international airports and is in service on motorway job sites around the world, whether they involve new roads or rehabilitation projects. The benefits of our machine technology are also appreciated in routine jobs such as constructing urban streets or pedestrian paths. This is because wherever our pavers are used, the same thing applies: with VÖGELE machines, paving teams get to play in the Premier League.

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VÖGELE innovations define the future of road construction

Each of our innovations pursues a clearly defined goal: new technical developments must help to advance daily work practices in terms of simplicity, efficiency or quality. There are many examples of this: with SprayJet technology, for instance, we synchronized bitumen emulsion spraying with asphalt paving, eliminating an entire process step and improving the bond between layers. With InLine Pave, the machine technology for building compact asphalt pavements "hot on hot", VÖGELE established a new method that is now mandatory in many calls to tender. We have been known for many years for our pulsed flow hydraulic high-compaction technology, which enables our electrically heated screeds to achieve maximum precompaction levels.

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We specialize in road pavers

VÖGELE employees have a professional passion for asphalt and its processing. We know more about asphalt than any other manufacturer. This expertise is one of the main reasons why we are the No. 1 in road pavers. It also explains why we are a highly sought-after advisor on all application-related questions, working in close cooperation with our customers. When we say “customers”, we mean everyone who works with VÖGELE machines day in, day out. Customers are the focus of our unparalleled user-friendly and multiple award-winning product design. The ErgoPlus operating concept, in particular, has set new standards: it supports intuitive operation, enhances ergonomic comfort and is of identical design on all pavers. We also work in close partnership with users: at our Centre for Training and Technology, we have taken practical, hands-on training to a new level.

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