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New SUPER 1800-5(i):

Vögele has integrated its most versatile and successful road paver in the new Dash 5 generation. Why is the SUPER 1800 class so popular among road construction professionals the world over? When was the first representative unveiled? And what does the new SUPER 1800-5(i) offer? The key facts about the successful model at a glance.

Tried and tested for more than 30 years

Back to 1988: More than 30 years ago,Vögele presents the first SUPER 1800, thereby making the start to an unmatched success story. The compact and extremely versatile road paver is suitable for use in inner-city areas as well as at airports or on motorways and is being continuously enhanced. It forms the basis for the first specialised machines, which Vögelepresents a few years later and are far ahead of their time: The first spray paver SUPER 1800 SF and the first diesel-/electricity-powered SUPER 1800 DE with 50% less fuel consumption and 50% fewer emissions.

From Dash 1 to Dash 5

With its Dash 1 generation, Vögele develops a standardised paver concept in 2003 that places greater emphasis on customer, service and maintenance friendliness. The second generation, the SUPER 1800-2, is equipped with the ErgoPlus operating concept for the first time, which is successfully rolled out across all models and today fulfils all requirements for interconnected road construction. The Dash 3 generation drives economic efficiency, user-friendliness and sustainability. Vögele takes two steps ahead with the Dash 5 family: The new SUPER 1800-5(i) combines its enormous range of applications and high performance with clever automatic functions, even more user comfort and a particularly economical and quiet drive.

Popular all-rounder

What makes the SUPER-1800 class so successful? Road builders all over the world rely on the Universal Class representative. Like no other paver type, this model combines compact dimensions, high performance and an extremely wide range of applications: With a length of 6.15 m, an engine performance of 129 kW, a paving capacity of up to 700 t/h and paving widths between 2.55 and 10 m, the paver is suitable both for city centre measures and for major projects such as motorways and runways. “The SUPER-1800 class has always been an absolute all-rounder, making it the key machine for road construction companies implementing small and major projects,” says Bastian Fleischer, Product Manager Vögele. “Thanks to its high performance and versatility, the paver is also the basis for our specialised machines such as the Sprayjet or the InLine Pave-process paver.

Portrait of Bastian Fleischer, Product Manager Vögele

“The new SUPER 1800-5i is two steps ahead of its Dash 3 predecessors. We have considerably improved the user-friendliness, sustainability, economic viability and automation in this new generation of pavers.”

Bastian Fleischer, Product Manager Vögele

The new generation

The new SUPER 1800-5(i) combines the huge range of applications and powerful performance with the trailblazing technologies of the Dash 5 generation. They include new assistance and automatic systems, an enhanced operating concept, improved material management, a sustainable drive concept, numerous new comfort features and a new lighting concept for the control station and illumination of the work area. Like all the latest-generation road pavers, the SUPER 1800-5(i) thereby combines user-friendliness, automation, economic viability and sustainability.

SUPER1800-5i: Paver Access Control

New automatic functions

Niveltronic Plus Assist automates the paving of both crown and transverse profiles. Users simply specify the incline of a target point and the machine takes over by gradually approaching this value. This means users no longer need to gradually adjust the incline by hand. The screed width can also be automatically controlled along a tensioned wire with the new Edge Control system. The automatic screed width function ensures that the edge and pave width of the screed remain constant when there is no tensioned wire at an exit or entrance.

SUPER1800-5i: New operating concept ErgoPlus 5

New operating concept ErgoPlus 5

The driver's control console offers an improved overview, more comfort, ergonomics and all the prerequisites for networked road construction.Vögele has simplified the operation of individual functions, improved the design, reduced the construction height to increase legroom and integrated additional storage options for mobile phones or similar. The optional ‘Premium Touch’ display screen allows users to easily monitor and control existing and future digital solutions.

Improved convenience

The Dash 5 generation is also two steps ahead in terms of ergonomics: With a pivot-mounted driver's seat, two-stage seat heating, more headroom, insulated sunshades, luggage nets and cup holders, the new road pavers are consistently geared towards the needs of users. This makes paving even more convenient, ergonomic and safe – even on hot or cold days.

SUPER1800-5i: New automatic functions

More safety

Paver Access Control (PAC) allows users to operate the SUPER 1800-5(i) from the ground at the touch of a button. The control unit placed on the screed plate can be used to control all the initial steps safely and conveniently. The optional Light Package Plus provides additional safety and reduces set-up times on night construction sites. The LED beamers are integrated into the roof structure and light up the whole operating width of the paver and screed area.

SUPER1800-5i: Optimised drive

Optimised drive

Even without the new functions, the SUPER 1800-5(i) scores well, with reduced consumption and reduced CO₂ and noise emissions. The new four-cylinder motor consumes significantly less at the same power. This is primarily due to the optimised Vögele EcoPlus low-emissions package. In particular, the speed-controlled fan has been optimised to calculate the rpm even more accurately and, in conjunction with other measures, substantially reduce noise emissions.

SUPER1800-5i: Improved material management

Improved material management

Vögele has overhauled the material handling control system: the auger and conveyors now communicate with one another, ensuring that material feed is even more consistent and accurately coordinated. This avoids load peaks, saves fuel, enables an optimum head of mix, and so uninterrupted paving. The optional Power Tunnel also ensures an optimum material height in front of the screed plate. The retraction and extension of the limiting plates for the auger tunnel can be controlled at the same time as the screed width adjustment.

Optimum pre-compaction

The new SUPER 1800-5(i) achieves optimum pre-compaction in conjunction with the AB 500 und AB 600 Dash 5 extending screeds or with SB 300 rigid screed plates. The hydraulic tamper height adjustment ensures excellent paving quality and reduced set-up times. The Dual Power Shift Tamper enables operators to set the tamper stroke very easily at the touch of a button. Compared to mechanical adjustment, this saves a lot of time and is very practical, especially with changing layer thicknesses. A new guide and positioning system for fitting screed wideners and more efficient heating of the compacting systems also significantly reduce set-up times. Vögele has also achieved substantial noise level reductions through structural optimisations.

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