Wirtgen SP 62: Economical two-crawler paver for inset concrete slipforming

When it comes to the precision and cost-efficient construction of concrete pavements, Wirtgen's slipform pavers are right for the job. With their modular design, the machines can be configured as needed, and virtually all conceivable structures are possible, including special shapes.

SP 60 series replaces the successful SP 500 – Multi-talent for concrete paving

Thanks to its versatility in inset and offset applications, the SP 60 series is the new multi-talent for concrete paving. With its SP 61, SP 62 and SP 64 models, Wirtgen has developed a new series of slipform pavers that delivers the diverse applications of the globally successful SP 500, while the SP 62 adds a two-crawler machine to the lineup. With a paving width ranging up to 7.5 m, the SP 62 is a particularly cost-effective option for customers wishing to enter the mid-range inset paver business.

The compact Wirtgen inset slipform paver SP 62 can pave concrete in widths of 2.00 to 7.50 m and thicknesses of up to 450 mm.

SP 62: Entry into the mid-range inset paver business with a paving width up to 7.5 m

The SP 62can precisely pave concrete in widths from 2.00 m to 7.50 m and thicknesses of up to 450 mm – or more upon customer request. The intelligent steering and control system ensures extremely smooth operation even around tight corners. Thanks to the simple modification and extensibility with additional options the SP 62can be quickly set up and adapted to any job-site situation. Due to its easy transportability, the paver is quickly available on site.

Engine technology: More power

As part of its modification measures to comply with new emissions laws, Wirtgen has designed the SP 62 for a greater engine output. Meeting EU Stage 3a/US Tier 3 emissions specifications, the machine has a 155-KW Deutz engine. Despite the higher output, fuel consumption is sustainably reduced by the Eco Mode, which automatically adapts engine output to power requirements.

Hydraulic technology: New concept

More features than ever operate hydraulically. Thanks to a new hydraulic concept, energy is now used more efficiently, meaning it is available for new equipment options. Among other things and depending on customer requirements, the paver can be equipped with a hydraulic or electric vibrator drive. In standard design, it comes with 12 hydraulic connectors (optionally 18) but can optionally be fitted with 18 or 24 electric connectors. Another example: the separate hydraulic side bar inserters which can be mounted on the left, on the right, or on both sides of the machine.

The hydraulic system starts as a basic version, and grows along with the number of modular equipment options selected. For customers, choosing options to meet their needs is highly cost-efficient.

Machine control technology: Intelligent systems

The machine control system in Wirtgen's slipform pavers is likewise state-of-the-art. Interfaces for the Wirtgen Group's WIDIAG service diagnosis and WITOS FleetView systems support users.

The two crawler units of the SP 62 run in opposite directions at the push of a button so that the slipform paver turns on its own axis for maximum maneuverability.

Meanwhile, the two long crawlers with their larger footprints also exert a low pressure on the ground. This enables the machine to be used on difficult terrain and improves the cost-efficiency of the paving results.

The two crawler units of the Wirtgen SP 62 run in opposite directions at the push of a button so that the slipform paver turns on its own axis for maximum maneuverability.

SP 60 series: Link between inset and offset pavers

With the new SP 60 series, Wirtgen has not only expanded the variety of applications in its class of machines for paving widths of up to 7.5 m (inset paving) and increased the range of offset applications: By introducing the SP 61, SP 62 und SP 64, it has also extended its line of slipform pavers to 12 models.

The SP 60 series therefore rounds out the high end of the offset line, comprising the SP 15 and SP 25. In terms of inset pavers, it bridges the gap between the small and the mid-range models in the SP 90 series, with paving widths up to a maximum of 9.5 m. The large inset slipform pavers with a maximum paving width of 16 m complete this product family.


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