High output, low consumption.

Four sites in Lithuania with MOBISCREEN MS EVO classifying screening plants

The mobile screening plants MOBISCREEN MS EVO impress with good transport properties, high performance, flexible application options and low fuel consumption. These are important reasons why Kleemann classifying screens are successfully deployed in many markets. This is also the case in Lithuania demonstrated by four projects in quarries.

Overview of the mobile classifying screening plants MOBISCREEN MS EVO:

Four MOBISCREEN MS EVO models meet wide-ranging requirements

The product series MOBISCREEN MS EVO includes the mobile double-deck classifying screens MS 702 EVO and MS 952 EVO as well as the triple-deck classifying screens MS 703 EVO and MS 953 EVO. The smaller plants – namely the MS 702 EVO and the MS 703 EVO – have a screening surface in the upper deck of 7 m². The larger screens have an area of 9.5 m².

In conjunction with their high capacity and efficient handling of the energy used, the machines meet the different requirements of contracting companies, quarry operators and other users in equal measure. Four projects from Lithuania demonstrate these and many other advantages of the MOBISCREEN MS EVO classifying screens from Kleemann. The plants are mainly used for the classification of sand and gravel. The final product is used in road and rail construction and in the manufacture of asphalt and concrete.

1. Jobsite:
Thanks to Dual Power, the MS 952 EVO works electrically

JSC Žvyro karjerai operates several quarries, including one of the largest in the country. Various stone fractions are produced here – from crushed sand to coarse crushed rock. In a quarry in Trakai District, the company places its trust in a double-deck screening plant MOBISCREEN MS 952 EVO, which is used together with an older MOBISCREEN MS 19 D.

The main reason why we select Kleemann is the production quality, effectivity and history of our 12 years effective use of Kleemann MOBISCREEN MS 19.“

Valdemar Suščinskij, Production director from JSC Žvyro karjerai

The MS 952 EVO has the Dual Power option. A small detail that makes a big difference: With Dual Power, Kleemann screening plants, in addition to their diesel-hydraulic drive concept, can also be operated electrically via an external power source. Operating companies can freely select the operating mode depending on costs and the availability of diesel and electricity. Furthermore, electric operation of the classifying screens makes them more or less emission-free on site. Above all, however, "with the dual power supply we can start production even before electricity supply in a pit. Diesel engines require less maintenance - it is positive effect, but after installing electricity we can save money in energy supply costs and can spread less CO₂. And it makes us and our planet happier. Our company is the first aggregate production company in Baltic countries which declares EPD publicly on Environdec and dual power Kleemann is our friendly assistant in loving our planet“, reports Valdemar Suščinskij. "We're also doing our employees and neighbours a favour because the plants are a lot quieter when they run on electricity."

Dual Power for electric operation

MOBISCREEN MS 952 EVO in Senieji (Trakai District) | Lithuania

Final grain sizes:
0–2 mm | 0–4 mm | 0–16 mm | 0–32 mm | 2–8 mm | 4–16 mm

average approx. 450 t/h

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"With Dual Power, we're also doing our employees a favour because the plants are a lot quieter when they run on electricity," says Valdemar Suščinskij, Production director from JSC Žvyro karjerai.

2. Jobsite:
Four MOBISCREEN MS 702 EVO screening plants work in parallel

The Metasta company also operates a quarry in the Trakai District over an area of just above 100 acres. An extension of up to 370 acres is also planned. Based on its output of classified mineral, even today the quarry is already the most productive in the country. The crushed sand, gravel and crushed rock produced are used to manufacture asphalt and concrete for a wide variety of road construction and railway projects.

Four MOBISCREEN MS 702 EVO screening plants help achieve this amazing performance. They have already separated a total 750,000 m³ of material precisely into different stone fractions.

Metasta has been using a large number of Kleemann screening plants for a long time. Their machinery includes six "blue" screens for coarse elements and classifying screening plants. And for a good reason: "We are very satisfied with the performance. In particular, we're very pleased with the consumption: we operate our MS 702 EVO with 11–12 litres of diesel an hour. This is an excellent value when compared to other screening plants!", explains Giedrius Komicius. The Production manager of Metasta also appreciates the service from the Wirtgen Group in Lithuania: "Whenever we need support, we are always very happy with the co-operation. Service functions without any hitches."

"Whenever we need support, we are always very happy with the co-operation. Service functions without any hitches."

Giedrius Komicius, Production manager of Metasta

Only 11–12 l/h fuel consumption of the MS 702 EVO in Trakai

≥ 350 t/h feed capacity is achieved by the four screening plants MS 702 EVO (at 0–16 mm and 0–32 mm respectively)

MOBISCREEN MS 702 EVO in Ismonys (Trakai District) | Lithuania

Final grain sizes:
0–4 mm | 0–5 mm | 0–16 mm | 0–32 mm | 0–45 mm | 4–16 mm | 16–100 mm | 32–100 mm


  • with production of 0–16 mm and 0–32 mm: ≥ 350 t/h
  • with other stone fractions, average 200-250 t/h

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350,000 m³ of stone already classified by up to four MS 702 EVO machines: the 100-acre site in Trakai.

3. Jobsite:
Two MS 702 EVO reliably carry out their mission

The village of Zujunai lies before the gates of the capital Vilnius. In a quarry here, the company UAB Žvyras visiems produces stone fractions that are used throughout Lithuania in road and railway construction. The company uses two MOBISCREEN MS 702 EVOs for classification. From time to time, a MOBICONE MCO 9 EVO cone crusher is also used to prepare unused oversize grain.

"We are very satisfied with the machines from Kleemann. The MOBISCREEN MS EVO screens run extremely reliably and consume very little fuel. We gladly rent an additional MOBICONE MCO 9 EVO cone crusher once or twice a year to crush feed material with a size of 35-100 mm", says Edmund Rodzevic, director from UAB Žvyras visiems.

An important aspect for Edmund Rodzevic apart from the performance is service and the supply of spare and wear parts. "Whether we need new screen surfaces, want to optimise a process or if we have an occasional service case, our local contact persons from Wirtgen Group in Lithuania are always ready to listen and react very quickly." We have had very few failures in the quarry in Zujunai because "the maintenance of the Kleemann machines is also easy to carry out thanks to easy access. If we look after the plants as specified, they will serve us loyally."

"Whether we need new screen surfaces or want to optimise a process, our contact persons from Wirtgen Group are always ready to listen to us."

Edmund Rodzevic, UAB Žvyras visiems

MOBISCREEN MS 702 EVO in Zujunai (Vilnius Region) | Lithuania

Final grain sizes:
0–4 mm | 0–16 mm | 0–32 mm | 4–16 mm | 4–32 mm | 16–32 mm | 0–45 mm

average approx. 200 t/h, occasionally well above this

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First-class classified aggregate for Lithuania's infrastructure: one of two MS 702 EVOs in the quarry near Vilnius.

4. Jobsite:
MS 703 EVO screens four fractions at the same time

In a quarry near Vilnius, the Lithuanian branch of the European road construction company Eurovia operates two MOBISCREEN MS EVO screening plants. The two MS 703 EVOs have three screen decks. "We can classify and discharge four stone fractions at the same time – and guarantee top quality", says Virginijus Kurpius, Quarry Production manager from AB Eurovia Lietuva.

"To prepare gravel, once a year we also rent a Kleemann MOBICONE MCO 9 EVO cone crusher. We are also very satisfied with this plant", says Virginijus Kurpius. The mineral is used by Eurovia mainly in highway construction, where it is processed by their own building teams and fleets – often using further technologies from Wirtgen Group.

The Kleemann machines in Pasiliai in the Vilnius Region still have plenty to do. "Also in view of the high workload, with the second MOBISCREEN MS EVO we chose the option for electrical operation." With Dual Power and thus the possibility of an external power supply "the machine is even more cost-effective compared to the other MOBISCREEN MS EVOs that we operate with diesel. Our team in the quarry also appreciate the quieter work and the fact that the reduction of diesel consumption means we're also doing something for the environment", explains Virginijus Kurpius.

"With Dual Power and an external power supply, the MOBISCREEN MS EVO is more economical, quieter and environmentally friendly than operation with diesel."

Virginijus Kurpius Quarry Production manager, AB Eurovia Lietuva

MOBISCREEN MS 703 EVO in Pasiliai (Vilnius City) | Lithuania

Final grain sizes:
0–4 mm | 0–16 mm | 0–32 mm | 4–16 mm | 4–32 mm | 16–32 mm | 0–45 mm

average approx. 300 t/h

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Three screen decks for four final grain sizes in a single process: the MOBISCREEN MS 703 EVO at work.