Precision for new records – Wirtgen W 200 Fi

Cold milling in the sports hub of the Eternal City

Renovation of the Stadio Olimpico running track in Rome using a Wirtgen W 200 Fi

Built in 1927 as Stadio dei Cipressi (Cypress Stadium), the Stadio Olimpico has hosted a wide variety of high-attendance events, from the Summer Olympic Games and concerts to the 2020 European Cup. As the home turf of Rome’s two major football teams, AS Roma and Lazio, the stadium has often seen wolves (AS Roma) pitting themselves against eagles (Lazio), but today it is a very different animal that is taking centre stage. A lion is now roaring from the front of the large milling machine, part of a customized wrap job to display the new logo of Italian construction company Schiavi S.r.l.

Precision transverse tilt with Level Pro Active

The racetrack of the Stadio Olimpico in Rome is being renovated in preparation for the 26th European Athletics Championships in 2024. This follows the modernization work that was carried out on the stadium for the European Cup in 2020. The first step involved removal of the synthetic track surface – also known as “tartan track.” After that, the upper asphalt layer was milled off with a Wirtgen W 200 Fi cold milling machine and provided with a suitable transverse tilt for the new superstructure. This slope, barely perceptible to the eye, is essential for optimal water drainage from the surface. The reconstruction process is then carried out in reverse order. A new layer of asphalt is applied above the remaining base layer. Next comes an elastic layer, and then the visible surface, consisting of EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber granulate) and PUR (polyurethane). The evenness and surface quality of the tartan track are directly determined by the quality of paving in the asphalt bed.

Mill Assist control program supports the operator

Supporting the operator

In automatic mode, the W 200 Fi’s MILL ASSIST control program always selects the most favourable performance/operating cost ratio. This not only increases milling performance, but also reduces diesel, water, and pick consumption as well as carbon emissions.

Wirtgen Sustainability logo

“The machine grants us speed and reliability. The automatic programs make our colleagues’ work easier, improve efficiency, and thereby protect the environment. It’s just what we need for our projects.”

Project Leader Schiavi S.r.l.

Tight schedule, powerful machine

Since the whole project is on a very tight schedule, the asphalt removal needed to be completed within 2 days, without compromising the quality of the milled surface. This is why the decision was made to use the large W 200 Fi high-performance milling machine and not a smaller one, as may have been expected. The Schiavi team progressed lane by lane around the running track. The challenge here was ensuring the continuous provision of trucks to haul away the large volumes of milled material. With optimal logistics, the 2-metre cold milling machine can cover more than 86,000 ft² (8,000 m²) of surface layer in a day. However, the limited space inside the stadium made the entry and positioning of the trucks difficult. The “compact” version of the large milling machines is not only powerful, but also agile, thereby ensuring excellent manoeuvrability. That plus the fact that the milling work was finished within just a single day meant that all participants were more than satisfied.

“We have a tight schedule for this project. That’s why we opted for the large machine. Its precision and performance are really impressive.”

Machine Operator Schiavi S.r.l.

Project data
Lead contractor
Construction company
Schiavi S.r.l., Fiumicino (RM)
Time frame
Total time for asphalt removal
2 days
Time spent milling
1 day
Site statistics
Total milling area
approx. 43,000 ft² (4,000 m²)
approx. 27,000 ft² (2,500 m²)
Inner surfaces
approx. 16,000 ft² (1,500 m²)
Milling depth
1 to 10 cm

W 200 Fi large milling machine

Exhaust emission category: EU Stage 5/US EPA Tier 4f
Milling width: 2,000 mm
Milling depth: 330 mm

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Stadio Olimpico Rome, view from above