Bauma 2022 – sustainable asphalt production

Bauma 2022 innovations: sustainable technologies in asphalt production

Benninghoven offers sustainable and economical technologies for reducing the carbon footprint

Benninghoven will be showing at Bauma 2022 how owners of asphalt mixing plants can meet the challenges of our time. The focus is on increasing efficiency and substantially reducing emissions that are damaging to the environment. When it comes to the emission of substances such as CO2 and Ctot (total carbons), asphalt mixing plants offer great savings potentials that should be fully utilised.

At Benninghoven, the mission of “sustainability in asphalt production” comprises several central elements. These are: re-use of asphalt, correct storage of virgin mineral and recycling material, use of temperature-reduced asphalt, electrification of bitumen tanks and use of renewable energies, i.e. the fuels of the future.

Discover the Bauma 2022 innovations from Benninghoven in detail.

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