Bauma 2022 innovations: Benninghoven hot-gas generator

With the Benninghoven hot-gas generator, plant owners can achieve maximum feed rates of 100 % and minimum emissions during asphalt recycling.

The hot-gas generator is the leading asphalt recycling technology on the market. The Benninghoven development is already being used successfully in many asphalt mixing plants – and the heart of the Benninghoven sustainability strategy. Benninghoven will be presenting this at Bauma 2022.

The Benninghoven hot-gas generator is the solution when maximum recycling content in asphalt production with minimum emissions is required. The Benninghoven technology – also available as a retrofit solution – allows asphaltic mixtures to be produced from 100 % reclaimed asphalt. This is made possible by gentle heating with hot gas using counterflow action, allowing the asphalt mixing plant to meet the stringent legal limits for air quality control, including the German TA-Luft regulation. This legislation requires a significant reduction in emissions. The total carbon emissions (Ctot), for example, must not exceed the limit of 50 mg/m³. This is guaranteed by Benninghoven.

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