Mixing processes

High-performance milling and mixing rotors for absolutely homogeneous mixtures

Cold recycling can be performed in the plant – by adding to a mixer unit the material recovered from an existing road that has been transported to a central storage facility – or in-place/in-situ using a cold recycler.

Construction mixing method (in-place/in-situ)

The in-place (on-site) mixing method involves having a cold recycler granulate an existing road surface and mixing in binder and water homogeneously.

This creates a new construction material mixture in one work step. The cold recyclers are equipped with a powerful milling and mixing rotor and spray injection systems.

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Central mixing method (in-plant)

The in-plant mixing method involves transporting milled asphalt material and broken stone to a mixer unit located near the construction site.

There, the milled material is prepared with binder to make a new construction material mixture, and it is re-used either at the same construction site or at another.

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