WIRTGEN milling and mixing rotors for cold recyclers and soil stabilizers

DURAFORCE – A rotor for all situations

Under challenging duty conditions – such as high-performance cold recycling, granulation or stabilization of soils with larger stones – everything is demanded of the cutting tools. Components that are designed for extreme performance and are perfectly tuned to one another are needed here. They permit reliable high performance in milling and mixing while offering maximum strength and long life.

The original WIRTGEN DURAFORCE milling and mixing rotor is appealing with its extreme wear resistance, impact resistance, and fracture stability for all applications in soil stabilization and cold recycling: a rotor for all cases.

Highlights of the DURAFORCE milling and mixing rotor
Universal milling and mixing rotor
High performance and perfect mixing results
Long component life and maintenance intervals
High-performance mixing
Rugged design
Increased life of the bottom part
Easy to replace the rugged square-profile ring segments
High-performance soil stabilization

The soil stabilization process that is used worldwide is the ideal solution for taking soil that has insufficient bearing capacity and generating construction-capable, compressible soil. In this process, a broad range of soil types must be processed, ranging from "very cohesive" to "filled with rough stone" to "abrasive."

Requirements of the milling and mixing rotors:
  • Effective splitting and size reduction of the soil material for optimal effects of the binder
  • Uniform distribution and homogeneous mixing of binders and possibly water for high mixture strength
  • Greatest possible cutting friendliness, even in the case of tough, hard soil for productivity and low diesel consumption
  • High degree of impact resistance for soils in which large stones are dispersed for long productive time periods
  • High wear resistance with abrasive, cohesive soils for a high level of economy
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The practice-proven WIRTGEN DURAFORCE milling and mixing rotor masters all of the requirements of soil stabilization and is ideally designed to transform even the most challenging soils into high-quality construction material.

Eco-friendly cold recycling

Cold recycling and granulation are also internationally established methods. Damaged asphalt compositions with a wide variety of stone types and the underlying gravel layer are milled up, are generally mixed homogeneously with the addition of binder, and are reconstructed on-site.

Requirements of the milling and mixing rotors:
  • Uniform milling process to avoid excessive grain size and to achieve high-quality work results
  • High level of cutting performance with low wear, even with hard, abrasive stone, for exceptional economy
  • Conformance to desired screen line for constant stability of the new base layer
  • Homogeneous mixing of the binder for high level of adhesion (binding force) between the individual grains and thereby for optimal bearing capacity
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The DURAFORCE milling and mixing rotor even masters the special requirements of cold recycling. Users benefit from maximum performance, long life of components and optimal quality of the new base layers.

Unique know-how from a single source

WIRTGEN offers high-performance cutting systems from a single source. From a single source means components that are ideally tuned to one another and consistently good quality. In its DURAFORCE milling and mixing rotors, the company brings together its expertise acquired over decades, mature production engineering, and future-oriented technologies. It is informed, in particular, by experience in practice and feedback from our customers.


You can download the brochure for DURAFORCE milling and mixing rotors here.

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