Round shaft picks for surface miners

Rugged cutting tools for tough applications

Choosing the right cutting tool is of crucial importance for good cutting performance and for the service life of the cutting tool itself. The customer and WIRTGEN experts work together to individually select the pick head diameter, pick head length, carbide diameter, and any additional armor are individually according to the material properties and stone hardness.

Different carbide geometries may be used in surface mining due to different application areas and materials to be cut. Cap-shaped carbide tips protect the steel body from erosion, and cylindrical carbide tips are used for hard materials.

Round shaft pick with 1.7 in (42 mm) shaft diameter are generally equipped with short clamping sleeves and are used in the HT14 and HT15 toolholder systems. These tools are installed in the holder using a copper hammer. The clamping sleeves assure quick and easy changing of the cutting tools.

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